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Pokken Tournament DX, Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon And More Coming Soon!

This morning’s Pokemon Direct Featured a lot more reveals than anyone was expecting and hopefully finally killed off all the click bait Pokemon Stars nonsense once and for all. Lets dive in

The first new announcment of the day was the first official Pokemon title for the Switch, Pokken Tournament DX. Pokken Tournament was a fighting game for the Wii U that was really solid but definitely left us wanting a more fleshed out game overall. Not that it was bad at all but what it had was so good that we wanted more of it in its initial release. Pokken Tournament DX looks to answer some of these issues in its Switch release. We already know that we will receive a bigger roster that includes some Alola Pokemon (looking at you Decidueye!) but we don’t know much else beyond that. We were told that the game would be featured at E3 this year in their tree house live and if last years tree house was any indication of game quality, then we can definitely get excited for what they have to show us this time around.

Next up the Pokemon Stars rumors were thoroughly crushed (thank God!) and we received word that a new entry in the Pokemon Sun and moon series would be released on November 19th. Not much was told about the title but we did get to find out that there would be more new Pokemon forms, specifically in the shape of some sort of fusion between Necrozma and Solgaleo and Lunaala. This is a mechanic that was introduced with Kyurem in Gen 5 being able to fuse with the other two legendary dragons to create a pretty obnoxiously powerful Pokemon. Given the mystery and lack of info on Necrozma in Sun and Moon’s initial release, it will be nice to get a title that focuses a bit more on the Prism Pokemon and perhaps gives us even more new Alola Pokemon and Alola forms.

We also got a retro surprise in finding out that the Nintendo shop would soon be featuring the classic Gold and Silver version of Pokemon for players to download. This version will also be compatible with the Pokemon Bank, allowing all players to have access to the legendaries from the title as well as the Shiny Gyrados (we know that’s what you really want!) This title will be available on September 22nd in the Nintendo Eshop

What do you think of all this? Let us know in the comments below!

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