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26 MAY 2017: Marvel’s “Secret Empire” Twist and Discovery Forgets It’s Star Trek

This week Kyle and Kenny break down the never ending saga of Marvel Comic’s troubles, and also dive into the new trailer for Star Trek Discovery (DSC). 

  • Venom Hardy

Earlier this week, Sony announced that Tom Hardy would be playing Venom in the solo movie that was scrapped after the failure of Amazing Spider-Man 2. Fans were excited to hear it returned to Sony’s slate of films for 2018 and with Zombieland director Ruben Flesicher on board, the project has definitely gained legs over the past few months. However, the facepunch that will immediately dampen that news is finding out the world post-Spiderman Homecoming may have a lot less MCU and a lot more…uhhh…SMU (Sony’s Marvel Universe, that’s just terrible). We already knew that the Marvel / Sony partnership could be a limited deal. Sony’s previous president Amy Pascal seemed to suggest months ago that Sony was not planning on letting their characters exist in the MCU and would rather return to their expanded Spider-man universe. If you’ll remember back when Amazing Spider-man was still a thing, Sony was all jazzed to make a separate comic universe for your favorite webslinger complete with a Venom and Sinister Six solo movie. Again, it was weird for Pascal to say this and honestly it doesn’t make a ton of sense for Sony to do this either. The collaboration seems to be working well for the most part and after renegotiated, there’s no telling what kind of character sharing could happen after.

  • Resident Evil Reboot

So apparently Hollywood is not content rebooting a single movie or franchise that was good. They have decided to venture into rebooting absolute crap. Announced earlier last week, Resident Evil is getting a six-movie reboot to maybe make up for the crap that we’ve endured the past decade? Seriously? I can’t hide my contempt about this in the slightest. The entire franchise was complete garbage and they are patting themselves on the back to regurgitating garbage.

  • Nintendo Virtual Console

After you get done playing Zelda and get comfortable with Mario Kart 8, there’s not a ton of games out for the Switch right now, which begs the question: where is the virtual console? The next marquee titles won’t reach the system until the fall and that leaves a large gap of time where Nintendo will be losing momentum. I shouldn’t be surprised given how inept Nintendo has proven themselves the past year with their handling of both the Switch launch and Nintendo Classic console.

  • Zack Snyder Steps Away From Justice League

I’m going to happily set aside our usual bashing of Zack Snyder’s film pedigree to discuss a terrible tragedy that we found out minutes before shooting this podcast. Snyder lost his daughter, Autumn, in March after she committed suicide. While they were initially keeping it under wraps, Snyder took a two week break to deal with the tragedy. However, in order to support his family and take care of himself fully, he will not be handling the post-production of Justice League. Joss Whedon will be taking over in his stead as he recently joined the DCEU to film Batgirl. Zack Snyder’s wife Deborah, who also serves as an executive producer in most of Zack’s films will be joining him as well. This is definitely a shock for their family and I’m sure from our community of nerds thoughts and prayers go out to them today. I wish I didn’t have to say this, but if there were ever days that trolls could leave people alone, it’s definitely on days like this.

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