This week Kenny and Kyle break down the latest news of the week, as well as talk about Marvel’s cancellation of Black Panther and The Crew and how that bodes for Marvel’s flailing efforts to rebrand itself in the 21st Century.

Show Notes:

  • Ridley Scott Is Slipping

Last week, Alien Covenant director Ridley Scott discussed the backlash over Prometheus saying it “influenced” decisions made in the sequel and to that I say “no shit”. One primary complaint he took away was that fans really wanted to see the xenomorph and were disappointed to get the odd looking neomorph in it’s place and to that I say “no shit”. Now, to be fair in all my ranting and raving, they didn’t use Lindelof to create the script this go around. And I was hoping Scott at least realized Prometheus was a narrative mess, but early reports are not looking good for Covenant so far. So lessons were not learned!

  • Show Cancellations/Renewals

This past week was the dreaded time of year where people who happen to like shows not called The Walking Dead figure out whether or not their favorites get another outing. A number of genre shows got the axe this week, like; Frequency, Grimm, Powerless, and finally Sleepy Hollow. Shows that almost got cancelled, like Agents of Shield, get at least one more season. We also will get to see the mostly dead corpse of The X Files brought back for another last ride down nostalgia street with ten episodes.

All of the canceled and renewed TV shows from the 2016-’17 season – Vox

  • Deadpool TV Show

Donald Glover is on a hot streak right now and he’s continuing to roll the dice. This time, he’ll be producing a 10 episode, animated Deadpool series on FXX. If you’ve watched even a single episode of his hit series Atlanta, you know this man can write and his humor and wit could fit well within this series. No word yet on who would be voicing Deadpool or who else could pop up in the series, but we do know this is definitely going to be rated TV-MA, so no late night viewing for the kiddos.

‘Deadpool’ TV series coming from Donald Glover – Entertainment Weekly

  • Hellboy Reboot

Fans of the long awaited to sequel Hellboy 2: The Golden turd, were sorely disappointed this week when Hellboy creator Mike Mignola announced the series would be rebooted sans Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman. This, apparently set ole George Bluth, Sr himself, who had a secondary role in the first two movies. Jeffrey Tambor called out Mignola on twitter basically laying out the truth that no one would have cared about Hellboy if not for del Toro and Perlman. Some of us, still don’t care.

  • Black and White Films Are Not Gimmicks

If you are one of the lucky few to have a Alamo Drafthouse near you, you are in for a special treat tomorrow night. Hugh Jackman’s Logan will be getting the black and white treatment and it looks amazing. There are few films that I would give my nod to get a version like this and Logan definitely makes the list. I would want to see it like this for the story alone, but the cinematography decisions will make you salivate. Now, if you’re like me and unable to watch it tonight, have no fear!! This special version will be on the home release when it comes out next Tuesday. Now, there were some rumblings that studios were just doing a cash grab with these releases, but I have to disagree. It’s only going to work with certain films and most studios won’t shell out the cash to do it. However, I do want to advocate for those directors who want to keep pursuing it because it’s visually worthwhile and harkens back to the old days in a cool way.

  • Seth MacFarlane’s Scifi spoof revealed

Along with Fox’s new lineup of shows, the first cast picture of Seth MacFarlane’s new comedy series was outed. The Series called, The Orville, looks exactly like if someone decided to make Galaxy Quest: The Next Generation, right down to how the bridge uses the same color scheme as the Enterprise from TNG. There are currently no premiere date. That being said, we will probably see it sooner than the actual Star Trek show being made by CBS.


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