Today at Star Wars Celebration, our correspondent got to attend the press conference for Star Wars: Rebels and we have a plethora of news on the show for you! Lets get right down into it.

To better serve you, we are just going to post what we feel like were the big points of what was said at the conference today.

1.) Season 4 will be the final season.

This season being the final season may be a shock for some but when asked why they felt like now was the time to end the show the reply stated was “We’ve told the story we wanted to tell and we’ve got to end it on our terms.”

2.)  Why did the show feature such a darker tone?

According to Dave Filoni “You have to go through the darker times to get to the victory. That’s the journey of the hero.”

3.) Will we get more time with Vader?

A definitive answer was not given but we were told that we would get more Thrawn in season 4!

4.)  About Ezra

Taylor Gray stated ” I think he matured the most in season 3. Season 2 was about toying with the dark side. There’s a selflessness that he’s now earned.”

5.) What is the age aim for the Rebels show?

When questioned about this, Dave Filoni stated, “Star Wars has always been about getting all the demographics. It’s about experiencing it as a family.”

6.) What about the space marriage!

According to Vanessa, “Anyone who has been rooting for the space marriage will find the ending moving.”

7.) What can we expect of Thrawn in season 4

Dave answered this by telling us, “In season 4, Thrawn is operating from a season of victory. He’s tempered the Rebels aggressive tendency. This is why the Rebels are timid in Rogue one. He has Goal control on Lathol. He’s deconstruction the rebels. The Bindu also represents an enigma to Thrawn. HE knows the Rebels are a threat but is acting of of his last big victory.”

8.) What about Sabine’s backstory?

Dave replied “We are going to get to see the terrible thing Sabine did to be ostracized by her family. ”

9) Comments on Rex

When Dave discussed Rex he stated, “Rex is the common man. He is the good solider. He fights with honor. Rex is, for the first time, fighting for something he believes in as he fights with the Rebels. He believed in the Republic but that was a lie.”

10.) Why wasn’t Hera shown in Rogue One?

Hera wasn’t shown in Rogue one because she would have backed up Jyn, according to Dave’s beliefs but she will be a general before the end of season 4! It as also said that Hera drives the story. The rebels are her architecture of her story. That’s why she is the voice of the season 4 trailer.

That’s as much information as was released today folks! What do you think about all of this? Let us know in the comments below!

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