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The Thor Ragnarok Trailer is here!

For your viewing pleasure, check out the trailer and it’s breakdown below:


This story is developing …

There is A LOT to unpack here. So from what it looks like Hela (Cate Blanchette) has escaped and is hell bent (pun intended) and destroying Asgard. And based on these screenshots, it looks like she succeeds.



But it looks like a few people make it out of the destruction. You have Thor in the shot above, and then Heimdall below. To me, his survival basically confirms that he holds one of the infinity stones.

All this appears to be precipitated by Hela destroying Mjolnir (which you can see in the featured image), who is then able to invade and destroy Asgard, probably because without Mjolnir and Odin, makes Asgard easy pickings. This is no doubt where the road trip part of the movie sets in, where we see Thor’s new look and his “friend from work.”

We also get some excellent shots of an Loki, Hela, and a quick shot of Karl Urban as The Executioner (who looks like a mix between the Punisher and a Space Marine).



The Executioner:

I think all this activity explains why Thor and Loki team up to find Odin, as he’s the only one that can repair, or remake, Mjolnir, and they’ll need that kind or firepower to take out Hela and The Executioner.

What do y’all think? Hit us up in the comments.

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