Welp looks like we are in fact getting an updated version of Mario Kart 8 after all! While this isn’t exactly a new entry in the series, it certainly has enough new content to convince us here at Nerd Union that it’s worth the time. Let’s talk about why

See that right there? That is in fact the new battle mode for the game! There will be 2 versions of the battle mode in the updated game. One is entitled Bob-Omb Blast while the other will be the classic Balloon Battle we all know and “love.” The battle mode includes 2 new maps, one being Battle Statdium and another being an Inkling inspired level called “Urchin Underpass.” Yes I said Inklings, which means ….


Yup! You will now get to battle and race against your favorite Mario characters as either Inkling Girl or Boy in the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe edition! Not only that but a few favorites from past entries are returning such as King Boo, Dry Bones and Bowser Jr to take part in the racing chaos! There will also be an implementation of a brand new 2 item system that is sure to shake up things on the racetrack! (Or you know … cause you to lose all your friends.)

The game will also bring back a few older tracks from previous entries such as the above Luigi’s mansion, as well as bring in all of the content from the original Mario Kart 9 entry including all of its associated DLC. There will also be a return of the feather and Boo Ghost items allowing you to jump over obstacles, opponents and shells, as well as steal a clutch item from a friend. (Or they were your friend before you did that.) In addition Nintendo has implemented a more accurate motion control system that is more child friendly and allows for you to maintain control and stay on track easier even at the insanity of 200 cc. (But why are you playing on 200 cc in the first place!)

Look for this entry into the series April 28th, 2017!


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