With the Pokemon Sun and Moon release just around the corner, we wanted to give you a quick roundup of all the officially released information to get you amped up for the game’s release this weekend! (No hacker spoilers will be in this post.)

In Sun and Moon we are going to get … A whole slew of new Pokemon such as these!

brionne_rgb_300dpi_png_jpgcopy   torracat_rgb_300dpi_png_jpgcopy tapu_koko_new_rgb_300dpi oricorio_bailestyle_rgb_300dpi minior_2_rgb_300dpi oricorio_paustyle_rgb_300dpi oricorio_pom-pomstyle_rgb_300dpi oricorio_sensustyle_rgb_300dpi minior_1_rgb_300dpi  lurantis_rgb_300dpi gumshoos_rgb_300dpi fomantis_rgb_300dpi mudbray_rgb_300dpi mudsdale_rgb_300dpi dartrix_rgb_300dpi_png_jpgcopy3ds_pokemonmoon_char_legendary_lunala3ds_pokemonsun_char_legendary_solgaleo

Along with MANY more that are not listed here.

The addition of Island Trials with various Island Captains and Kahunas  in the place of gyms and gym leaders

hala_rgb_300dpi kiawe_rgb_300dpi lana_rgb_300dpi mallow_rgb_300dpi sophocles_rgb_300dpi

A brand new enemy team

grunts_female_rgb_300dpi plumeria_rgb_300dpi guzma_rgb_300dpi grunts_male_rgb_300dpi

A mysterious new organization


A powerful new skill called Z moves


A journey to collect all of the Zygarde cores and FINALLY have access to complete form Zygarde




The return of previous league champions and a showdown against Red and Green!

red_official_300dpi green_official_300dpi

New Alola Form Pokemon!

a-sandslash_rgb_300dpi a-exeggutor_rgb_300dpi a-ninetales_rgb_300dpi a-sandshrew_rgb_300dpi a-vulpix_rgb_300dpia-marowak_rgb_300dpi

A Rotom Pokedex


Lots of various rideable Pokemon for different types of terrain


A brand new 4 player online battle system!

pokemon 9

Mysterious “Ultra Beasts”


And who knows what else! We are pretty excited here at Nerd Union to play the new games but what about you? What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming Sun and Moon releases on November 18th? Let us know in the comments below!

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