The newest Wonder Woman trailer is here and we’re excited.

Featuring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen, Danny Huston, and Lucy Davis, this new trailer outlines the story we should expect and builds out more of the cast we’ll get to see. We get a better look at Pine’s take on Steve Trevor, and even get a glimpse of Davis in her role as Etta Candy–Wonder Woman’s best friend, confidant, and support in and out of combat. The tone of this trailer is significantly lighter than those we’ve seen in some of Zack Snyder’s previous work, complete with a handful of wisecracks and jokes amidst the badass combat and slow motion moments. Complete with Gadot at her Wonder Woman best, this trailer moves away from Snyder’s more dark, monotone color pallets and depicts bright, saturated colors as we get a good look at Themyscira and some of our other settings as Diana enters “Man’s World”.

The trailer also leaves us with some questions: most centered around the female(!!) villain we catch only a handful of glimpses of. She appears to be wearing a mask and has an affinity for chemical warfare, which leads us to guess that our big bad may be none other than Princess Maru–otherwise known as Doctor Poison. The fact that DC chose to run with a female villain is an exciting step, especially as Wonder Woman marks the first blockbuster comic heroine movie. It will be interesting to watch how they build Poison into the narrative–assuming it’s her–and work in her history of hiding her gender and rise to power.

As someone who was a little apprehensive after the debacle that was the Man of Steel arc and Batman vs. Superman, I breathed a sigh of relief after watching this trailer. The story looks solid, Pine’s Trevor is growing on me, and Gadot is reaffirming why she makes one kickass Wonder Woman. I doubt the film is going to be without it’s flaws (see the questionable costuming and whitewashing of Diana’s fellow Amazonians), but I’m excited to see how the narrative takes shape as Diana becomes Wonder Woman in what appears to be the World War I conflict. My fingers and toes are crossed that the film turns out as well as it looks from this trailer, and we eagerly await its June 2017 release.

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