As a fan of Pathfinder and as someone excited about Starfinder, I was required to ask two questions. What happened to Aroden and what happened to Golarian in Starfinder? I have very very exciting news! According to James Sutter, Executive Editor of Paizo, the answer is … “I can’t tell you that.” In his defense I didn’t really expect anything else. According to him, revealing what happened to Aroden would kill the mystery and having a mystery at the center of Pathfinder helps it. He didn’t think the answer would be better than anything the players could come up with. But … But! He did assure me that they did have an answer. “This isn’t lost. We know the major plots points.”

On to questions he actually could answer, specifically about Starfinder. I learned a far bit of new information that hadn’t been clear to me beforehand. First, Pathfinder will keep going at the same rate, even after Starfinder comes out. It will not slow down for the foreseeable future. Starfinder itself is its own system that will be similar to Pathfinder and will be easy to convert, but will be distinct from it. They also will not release books at the same rate for Starfinder they have for Pathfinder. It appears they wish to scale back things like new classes and archetypes, and focus on world building and adventure paths. I for one am very excited about Starfinder and can’t wait till it launches in August of 2017.

A schedule for new products coming out is here. I for one am excited about the first world. I have loved what they did with the fey in this setting. So I am very interested in seeing what they do with it. Also, Pathfinder adventures on your mobile device has been out for a few months.

This is just a taste of Gen Con 2016. We will have more coverage throughout the week.

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