This morning we got to hear a few updates on where Pokemon Go was at including what sounded like a projected release date! Here’s the scoop!Lets just start of with a list then shall we?

-During the interview this morning the question was asked about whether or not the game would eventually include all the Pokemon in the pokedex. THE ANSWER WAS YES!

-The game will start off with the original 150 (perhaps 151 if we are lucky) and the other regions will eventually be added in as well.

-We also were told that later on down the road there will in fact be some sort of connectivity added in between the Pokemon Go! game and Pokemon Sun and Moon.

-The Pokemon Go! Plus device was also slated to be priced at $34.99 in stores in the U.S.A.

-There will also be a trading function that gets added in eventually but will not be present in the game starting off dude to desire to get people walking around in the world and catching Pokemon themselves first.

-There will eventually be events in the game to catch special Pokemon sort of like the Mewtwo event in the trailer

-In addition in Miyamoto was asked when we can expect to see the Pokemon Go! Plus device and gave us a HUGE surprise in letting us know that we can expect the game sometime around the end of July!


Get excited trainers! And don’t ride your bike’s indoors!

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