Chris Rock Firebombed the Oscars

Watching the Oscars was like watching a conductor deliberately drive his train off a cliff. It was like seeing a man literally catch himself on fire in front of his peers and feel no pain. Chris Rock laughed as every time he jumped on stage, he blasted Hollywood for its issue with institutional racism. The closest thing I can think of to compare it was when Stephen Colbert cracked jokes about George W Bush at the White House Corespondent’s dinner. Let’s just go through some of the jokes shall we…

Opening Monologue

After the opening montage played (which showed a number of movies that weren’t even nominated, or were under represented in the nominations but disproportionally represented in the supercut (looking at you Straight Out of Compton), Chris Rock took the stage saying, “There’s like fourteen black people in that clip.”

You can catch the rest of the brutal monologue here:

More Updates to follow…

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