The PR machine is starting to rev up for Daredevil Season 2, which means we’re getting ever closer to the inevitable release (March 18 on Netflix). So lets get to discussing what we should expect to see in the next chapter of Daredevil.

Daredevil vs. The Punisher


Unlike Batman v. Superman, there is an actual philosophical difference between these two heroes. The showrunner (Marco Ramirez) is reportedly framing this series around the idea that it is “Daredevil vs. the Punisher.” When it was announced that Jon Bernthal would be playing Punisher, everyone universally has looked to the story which happened in a classic Garth Ennis Punisher arch titled “Welcome Back, Frank.” In this arc Punisher subdues Daredevil, ties him up, and gives his a choice. Do nothing and Frank will kill a mob boss, or kill Frank and take the mob boss in. It’s a very interesting take because Daredevil has a code to not kill people, and it shows the very stark line between the two heroes. We know that some version of this is going to play out thanks to photos released by Entertainment Weekly, but it’s such a great dynamic going into the next phase of Daredevil’s story. Matt Murdock struggled hard against his inner dark side, but came out on top knowing that he couldn’t be judge, jury, and executioner. He couldn’t kill even if he thought it was right. There is a system in place to punish criminals, and he decided not to work against that system. It will be great to see Frank Castle challenge these conceptions of justice in the wake of season one.

I also have no doubt that we will get a new origin for Frank Castle as well. Most likely it will involve his family being murdered in the crossfire of last seasons gang war, or maybe even as a direct result of someone Daredevil captured. Regardless, Frank Castle works best as a character who comes in and out of a story, but not as it’s main focus.



We got a taste of the Marvel Universe’s ancient criminal organization, The Hand, but this time we will delve even further with the Hand trained assassin, Elektra. Now everyone knows her from that abysmal movie back in 2003, but trust me, this character is way more complicated than Jennifer Garner’s interpretation. She’s conflicted, but she’s also not a good person either. She’s a perfect foil for Matt Murdock, in many of the same ways that Catwoman is for Batman. The actress who is portraying Elektra, Élodie Yung, is relatively unknown. She has been a martial arts practitioner for many years, so at a very minimum her fights should be excellent. This will also give us greater depth into the Hand and what they are doing in Hell’s Kitchen.

What about Wilson Fisk?

Marvel has been incredibly mum about this, Vincent D’Onofrio won’t confirm anything, and we’ve not seen him in the trailers, but come on! This is THE KINGPIN! He was such a huge driving force in the first season, he will be back. My bet is his wife will spend time rebuilding his empire and concocting some way to get him out of jail. His wife, Vanessa, is incredible in the comics and just as conniving (if not more) as Fisk himself. This is, after all, the woman who killed her own son and kept trying to manipulate Daredevil to kill her husband so that the cycle of fighting between the two would finally end.

More about Karen Page’s past


We will delve a whole lot more into Karen’s past. In the comics she was the long time girlfriend of Matt Murdock until Frank Miller took over the book. That’s when he made her a heroine junkie and prostitute who sold Matt’s secret identity for enough money to get high. I’m guessing she’s got some darkness in her past based on the hints that have been dropped, and it should serve for fertile ground for conflict.

The March toward the Defenders continues


Season one did a great job of establishing the Hand, the Chaste, and also K’un-Lun (the magical realm where the Immortal Iron Fist is from. ICYMI Madame Gao was absolutely from K’un-Lun or one of the sister cities). I expect to see more of this, probably with a cameo from a supporting character from Jessica Jones, maybe even Luke Cage or Jessica Jones themselves (though my bet is on Jeri Hogarth or Trish Walker).

The thing I absolutely expect to see is references to this mysterious organization, IGH. They’re the company who made Nuke (Will Simpson), and were responsible for Purple Man and Jessica Jones’s powers (she got hers from an accident, but they paid for her medical bills. This means one of two things: either they experimented on her while in a coma or it was their truck they crashed in to). I wouldn’t be shocked if they had some part of Matt Murdock getting his powers, or if he has some sort of dealings with this company in the wake of Jessica Jones. Moviepilot has a pretty good post on it here

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