There’s some weirdness happening in the League Of Legends that has to do with the newest champion to the League and it seems to have directly affected 4 champions in particular: Zed, Sona, Garen, And ViIt would seem that there have been some teasers dropping on a couple of champions page (currently only Zed, and Sona but Garen has a teaser on the Chinese page.) According to Surrender@20 Vi is also slated to be included in this event but what is most odd is that it appears that a new champion, rumored to be named Jhin, has assassinated each of these champions. While the death of a champion has been done before the previous event in which this occurred seemed to have revolved around several champions whom had a history already related to one another. This time around though it appears to be a random set of assassinations given that Zed, Sona, Garen, and Vi literally have nothing to do with one another outside of the League. This leads to the speculation that Jhin is some sort of AD carry/ Assassin but why he or she would target these 4 champions in particular remains to be seen. Below are some of the teasers featuring what appears to be the deaths of Zed, Sona, and Garen.


deadeye teaser

sona dead eye 2

garen deadeye teaser

It’s likely we wont find out the mystery behind these teasers until after the one for Vi is released but it definitely looks like something big is in the works for this new “Deadeye.”

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