With Star War’s coming up this week, we are all excited to find out what happens next in the story of a galaxy far, far away, but we often seem to look over an important fact about that galaxy when talking about those stories. Were it not for the efforts of a heroic and sassy little blue and white droid none of the heroes of Star Wars would even be alive. I’m not just referring to one instance either. This is a repeating occurrence that happens throughout the entire series. It could be argued that R2 is the catalyst that causes everything to happen the way it does in the Star Wars Universe.

1.) R2-D2 repairs the shield generator of the Naboo Royal Starship

r2 d2 naboo ship

In Episode 1 there was the Trade Federation blockade over Naboo. In this particular scene several droids were blown off into space, but not R2. He manages to survive the ordeal and repairs the shield thus saving Luke and Leia’s mother.

2.) Anakin and R2 vs. The Trade Federation Command Ship

r2 in the naboo starfighter

In the same film, Anakin finds himself inside of a Naboo starfighter set to autopilot and launched off into a space battle. Now normally that would have been the end of this 10 year old future Sith Lord, but he had the help of everyone’s favorite little astromech droid. R2 proceeds to save Anakin’s life by overriding the autopilot for him and then they proceed to blow up the central controls for all the battle droids invading Naboo thus saving the day for little Anakin and all of Naboo while simultaneously preserving the life of one of the galaxy’s most notorious future murderers.

3.) R2-D2 in the Droid Factory

R2 flying

In this scene R2-D2 basically is a super hero, and when Anakin and Padme are faced with the possibility of facing a molten ore death, which is pretty metal when you think about it, R2 swoops in with his booster jets and manages to save the heroes yet again. But seriously who knew that R2 could fly?

4.) R2 vs The buzz droid in Episode III

r2 vs buzz droid

It’s in this moment that we get another opportunity to see just how superior R2 is to all the other droids in the star wars universe when Obi-Wan and Anakin are attacked by buzz droids in the battle over Coruscant and while Obi Wan’s Astromech droid was destroyed R2-D2 was able to defend himself against the attacking buzz droid and successfully fended off the attacker sent it off into space, saving Anakin again.
5.) R2 vs Super Battle Droids on Grievous’ ship

r2 vs battle droids

This scene is just cool because of the fact that R2-D2 fears no one and literally sets these battle droids on fire in a stellar display of resourcefulness and bravery. He then continues about his usual business in saving the main characters lives time and time again.

6.) R2 Delivers the Death Star Plans

r2 and leia 2

This is like, the most crucial thing in the whole movie. If R2 had botched this up then all would have been lost and we would probably have a lot of planets being caught in al-der-raan places (Just say it out loud, it’s funny.) No plans, no exhaust knowledge for the alliance, no moment of clarity about the force for Luke. You get my drift.

7.) R2 saves our new breed of heroes from a trash compactor

r2 trash compactor

This scene is pretty classic and a perfect example of why the main characters would be pretty hopeless without the efforts of R2. They end up wandering into a trash compactor and then, in true thoughtful fashion, fire a blaster laser that proceeds to begin to ricochet around the room. Seriously, how did these people live for as long as they have without R2-D2 around.

8.) R2 fixes the hyperdrive better than any human ever has

r2 fixes hyperdrive

In Empire Strikes Back, R2 manages to save everyone when they are trying to escape out of Cloud City by doing some pretty fast repairs in a rather dire situation and as it turns out, is far better at repairing the Falcon than the Wookiee hitting stuff with a wrench (Han and Chewie had spent the ENTIRE movie trying to get it fixed).

9.) R2-D2: The ultimate swordbearer

r2 lightsaber

When Luke and the others are facing possible “death by digestion” R2 makes a play that would have put Luke in a pretty dire situation without it. Granted passing a lightsaber to your Jedi wide receiver is probably not the most heroic thing to ever happen in Star Wars but he is just as necessary here as he was in all those other life saving moments.

So there you have it. Next time you talk about your favorite Star Wars characters, let’s remember that NONE of them would be there without this little astromech droid.

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