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Members of Anonymous have made a bold claim about four United States Senators, and several Mayors. It all started when the Hacktivist group Anonymous launched an assault on numerous websites associated with the KKK, including their twitter accounts. That is where said information was found. I want to stress that this is totally unconfirmed and is being strongly denied by the men and women who are the accused members of the Klan. This information has not been verified and I have not been able to find any confirmation of it as of yet. Furthermore, not all members of Anonymous are making this accusation.

That being said, the accusations do seem plausible. Senators John Cornyn, Dan Coats, Thom Tillis, and Johnny Isakson are all from states that have a history of Klan activity. In particular the accusation against Dan Coats seems very possible since the Klan has a long history of activity in the Indiana Republican party. However, if the accusation is true, it is particularity troubling of Cornyn and Tillis. John Cornyn is the Majority Whip in the Senate and is the second most powerful person in the Senate. To have such a position held by a member of the Klan would be horrifying and if true he should resign immediately. In some ways Thom Tillis would be even more damaging. As former Speaker of the North Carolina State House, he was hugely influential in formulating policy, including voter registration laws, and gutting the states education plans.

There is a real temptation of running with these accusations but that should be suppressed. Internet culture thrives off new and sensationalist information and this definitely qualifies. If you see someone you know in the data dump please don’t jump to conclusions. It could be someone with a similar name, or it could be false.

Anonymous says this is only the beginning of a large fight and the Klan seems to be all too happy to wage it. A large march is happening on November the 5th in Washington and several different Klan groups will also be attending to counter protest. The barbs traded are not something I’d like to type, but if you want to see it unfold with your own eyes go to twitter and look up #OpKKK . It is very interesting to watch and I will keep watching this unfold.

The list of websites that Anonymous has shut down is as follows

Cloud Flare Resolve:

Also here is the original post that put up the information accusing the politicians.

kkk anon

This image is what Anon is using. It is pretty darn incendiary and is a good signal they are only just getting started in their personal war against the KKK. I am very much a part of the culture of the internet and even I raised my eyebrows at this.

To some members of Anon’s credit, some are only saying they found this information and are expecting journalist to do their due diligence. The organization is very very fractured, and there isn’t just one account. They are a system of cells that operate somewhat independently of each other, so if this turns out to be false don’t be surprised if a good chunk of the group is caught off guard by this.

As it turns out, one person who has been accused, Mayor Rogero, has come out strongly against the accusation and her background and record make it unlikely that she is a member of any Klan’s organization. It also appears that there is a great deal of disagreement going on between members of Anon right now and that many twitter accounts affiliated with Anon are not going to release any of the information they are getting until they can confirm it. It appears that another big release is coming out November the 5th and this one is what is going to be the real one. Most Anon sources and sites I have come across seem to be saying this already presented exposure hasn’t been confirmed yet and so shouldn’t be treated as such. This is a developing story so expect an update on this later in the week.

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