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Slightly Better? Heroes Reborn Review


By Kenneth Shipp

“The Needs of the Many” Episode 4

Let’s face facts people: There was a lot to like about this episode. Despite Carlos obvious rise to being sort of Batman, I like the heroic arc that he’s going on. Other than Noah Bennett, he’s really the only one who has a handle on what’s going on. They still haven’t given him any powers which I really hope they stick with. It’s something a interesting wrinkle to the show which I think makes it stronger. That being said, he didn’t do a whole lot, he mostly licked his wounds from the last fight and created upgrades to his armor. They were much needed though, hopefully he’ll do better when he inevitably has to save his family.

Miko and Ren have more direction now, so while it still feels a bit corny, I’m enjoying their presence much more than the initial offering. They will become more interesting when they land in America and try to recover the sword. I’m still not sure what Miko’s power are exactly. They brought up an excellent question about her though in the previous episode. Is she alive? Is it possible her father created her? What if she’s just a program running around in the real world? It would help explain why the prime Harris thought she was dead and how she can enter a computer program, but not the transportation part. That still needs some explaining which is up in the air over whether they’ll cover it.

Now, let’s face the other facts: They screwed up quite a bit. Luke revealing his power to Joanne was rather anti-climatic despite the buildup that they attempted. It wasn’t strong enough and the reactions just don’t feel right. I mentioned this in the premiere episodes; their motivations to drive around the entire country on what is essentially a killing spree wasn’t nearly convincing enough. I’m not exactly upset that Luke wasn’t thrilled about killing because we could tell he wasn’t comfortable from day 1.

Tommy’s story is going to be either really good or bad in the next episode. He’s stuck in a hospital and being confronted by the authorities. Because of the car accident last week. his mother needed blood so he offered to have his tested to see if he matched. Their reasoning for a blood shortage actually made a lot of sense to me. It wouldn’t surprise me that blood banks would be low if every one was concerned they could be identified as an evo.

The arctic duo still doesn’t interest me. I’ll wait until they make it to the mainland, but it’s clear that Renautas wants them for whatever their power is. They are still being very vague about what Malina’s powers are. We see her grow a tree straight out of the ground and apparently controlled the energy field in the arctic. But I have no idea what to classify that under. Hopefully we’ll find out soon.

Noah Bennett had been the stronger arc of the series, but his scenes this time were the weakest because of a moment they honestly could have wrapped up last episode. Last week, I said it didn’t make sense for Noah to let Molly Walker run away and now that dumb decision lead to them having to break back into Renautas. Although they did gain a new ally in the CEO Erica’s daughter, Taylor, they are still without a bunch of information about June 13th.

Overall, this is still better than the opening  and continues strong themes that were stabilized in the previous episode. But they have some work to do if they want to get the maximum effort from these multiple story lines. So far the effort has still been so-so.

“The Needs of the Many” Episode 4:  7.5 out of 10

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