By James Nelson

For all of you unfamiliar with the comics, and are just dying to know what’s going to happen this season, I’m here to answer your questions. There is a lot to unpack in the first episode.


A slightly different incarnation of Zoom (sometimes).
A slightly different incarnation of Zoom (sometimes).

Just as Atom Smasher, whom I’ll get to momentarily, was dying (I guess. They were a little vague), he reveals the reason he attacked The Flash was because he was promised by a man named Zoom that if he was to kill Barry, he’d get to go home. Well, that didn’t pan out too well for him (but I bet it did for Zoom).

Now many of you may ask, “Who is this guy?” Well, let’s just say he shares more than a few similarities to last season’s big bad. In fact, in the comics, Eobard Thawne is actually known as Professor Zoom. Seeing as he was never called that, they are recycling the name and applying it to the man who should have been called Reverse-Flash, that is, Hunter Zolomon. Now this is where it will get somewhat confusing for everyone. In the comics Zolomon functioned like Harrison Wells did in season one, he nurtured Barry’s heroism and did utterly despicable things in order to make him a better hero. The original Zoom has a much different motive. He is a former jilted lover of Iris West, and envies Barry Allen so much that he makes his whole mission to ruin Barry and Iris’s life together. He’s a vicious and manipulative villain who will stop at nothing to hurt Barry just because it hurts him. Tony Todd has already been cast as Zoom. Hopefully this means we’ll get to see the black suited speedster this season instead of a yellow one.

Jay Garrick

two flashes

Jay Garrick is one of my favorite heroes. He is actually the original Flash from the golden age of comics, but after Flash was rebooted in the 1950’s with Barry Allen, Garrick became the Flash of Earth-2, a parallel Earth in which Barry doesn’t exist. In a lot of ways Garrick becomes a mentor to the younger speedster, and with Harrison Wells missing this season (for now), I expect we will see the show mimic their relationship.

Atom Smasher


So this is a weird one. In the comics Atom Smasher is the grandson of a villain and the son of the original Atom, and he’s a member of the Justice League. He’s not a bad guy. In every way he was used the character on screen mimicked the powers and appearance of the comic book verison, but in no other way did he. Maybe if Barry didn’t kill him he may become a hero, but I doubt that. He felt like the definition of a “baddie of the week.”



Okay, so in case everyone’s missed it, Cisco is a metahuman. He’s got superpowers, specifically in the comics he can create sonic waves so powerful that he can mess with the physics of the speed force (the thing that gives The Flash his powers), and he can use his connection to the vibrations of the universe to track interdimensional breaches, like say the one that brought Atom Smasher to this world. After the new 52 reboot, Vibe became one of the most powerful metahumans on the Justice Leagues roster. Plus, we all know that Cisco has a penchant for cool shades. 


The Singularity


So the big interpersonal tension in the first episode is started after Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell) is seemingly killed after Firestorm separates in the singularity. Lets just say we won’t have to worry about Ronnie for too long. I have no doubt that the singularity (also known as a black hole) lead to Earth-2, where Ronnie is no doubt stranded. My question is, will they use Earth-2 to showcase the alternate versions of the Justice League, the Justice Society? Will we get to see Alan Scot as Green Lantern? Maybe a more classic version of Green Arrow (with goatee and all)? I hope so.

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