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The 5 Most Epic Deaths of Sean Bean

So we all know that Sean Bean, the famous English actor, has a penchant for shedding the mortal coil by the time the end credits roll. Most of this is due to much of his career portraying iconic villains in the early nineties, aka the heyday of villains dying epic deaths. So here I will endeavor to list off the most epic deaths Sean Bean has ever died.

5. Black Death (2010)


In this movie, which is basically a post apocalyptic film just set in the past during the height of the titular Black Death, follows a group of knights and a monk to investigate a village that appears to be immune to the plague. It’s safe to say shenanigans ensue and it leads to Sean Beans death, where he is quartered. For those unaware that’s when they tie a horse to each of your legs and have them pull you a part. All told, the film’s alright, and after his turn in Game of Thrones (which I had seen before this), I was already expecting him to die.

4. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (2001)


This movie is fantastic, and in a story in which the power the ring to corrupt takes center stage someone must fall victim, therefore; Sean Bean is the one who is chosen. Bean is impeccable in this movie and truly shows both the horrible nature the ring has to control and in his death displays the heroism that is crushed by the ring. 

3. Goldeneye (1995)


So image watching a blockbuster in the nineties and it ending with the villains capture … pretty lame ain’t it? That’s not how things were done back then. What would Batman Returns have been like if the Penguin and Catwoman made it out alive? Goldeneye is no exception, and after trying to, well, honestly the plot is so convoluted it’s hard to tell what Bean’s actual motives were. I think it was to rob a bank? Anyways, Bean eats it after being kicked off a telescope antenna, breaking his neck, and then being crushed by a fiery antenna.

2. Game of Thrones (2011)


So this ranks so high on the list because of the sheer shock value. After eight episodes having Ned Stark as our major protagonist we watch him get his head lopped off by the most irritating villain ever to grace the screen (that is, until Ramsey Bolton). It hurts so much when you watch it.

Patriot Games (1992)


Aside from being one of the most beautifully shot fight scenes ever filmed, imagine a man has tracked you down to kill you, your family, and a British lord that stopped by for dinner. How would you feel about that? You’d want to kill him too! And that’s what Harrison Ford does, on a speed boat, in a hurricane, with a boat anchor, and into a cleverly placed rock outcropping that causes the boat to explode. I love this movie. I want to watch it right now!

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