star wars the force awakens

By Trevor Law

So, I am worried. Why you ask? In a word, J.J. freaking Abrams. I … loathe this man. You see he can start a story, better than almost anyone. The First season of Fringe is great, and I love his reboot of Star Trek. Here is the thing though, he doesn’t know how to wrap up a story. Either he just redoes the same story, or just keeps throwing twists and hopes the audience won’t get bored or feel like they are being jerked around.

lost gif
What J.J. Abrams does every time he makes a movie.

For the best example of my fears, look no further, than lost. The First season of Lost is one of the best seasons of television. I mean, he really hooks you with so many mysteries and so many engaging and interesting characters, but instead of answering anything, instead of progressing the story in any meaningful way, it meanders, it gets lost, it just drags on, and on, and on. My fear with the new Star Wars is he will do the exact same thing. He will kick off strong, and have a great first act of this movie. He will hit it perfectly, but instead of progressing the story any further, he will let it languish and just let the story die.

Its like a worse version of shock and awe
Its like a worse version of shock and awe

But Trevor! How can you say that! So many other people associated with the original trilogy are back! Surely they will be able to correct any problems he creates. And to you I say “SO WHAT?!” What have any of those people done that has been on the same caliber as the original Star Wars. Lets not forget, we once thought George Lucas could do no wrong. Many of the people, from writers, to directors, to even actors, really haven’t done a whole lot in that time frame and THAT should give us a moment’s pause.

The worst thing Qui Gon has every done
The worst thing Qui Gon has every done

I am not saying Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be bad, what I am saying is that it might be. What I am saying is if you walk into that movie theater thinking you will get the Empire Strikes Back, and instead you get Attack of the Clones, don’t come whining to me. Of course I could be wrong, maybe Abrams will surprise me and actually make a complete story for once in his freaking career. But until that day I will remain very very skeptical of the new movie coming out this December, and I for one will hope, nay pray that I won’t be saying “I TOLD YOU SO!” But until then, I will warn you to go in with measured expectations, because a lot of people are just going to expect a great movie just because it is Star Wars, and that my friends is a recipe for disappointment.

i told you so gif

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