By James Nelson

Yesterday, Kathleen Kennedy, the producer behind the revived Star Wars universe, gave us our first clue about the Han Solo anthology film, saying that “He’ll definitely be in the high teens, low 20s.” So we’re dealing with a young Han Solo film. That got me thinking, “What should it be about.” Here are my ideas for what stories we should see on the big screen.

How Han met Chewie

han solo cover

That’s been the veritable question since New Hope, “How did Han gain the loyalty of Chewbacca?” (or maybe that’s just me). But seriously (I’m ignoring the now defunct EU), how did they get together? Wookiees are notoriously prickly aliens and Han isn’t exactly the most likable guy. I’d love to see a story where they can explore the culture of the Wookiees like the family structure, their system of honor, their homeworld, and especially the sure to be entertaining chain of events that would lead Chewbacca (a higher up in the Wookiee military in Episode III, and one who personally knew Yoda) to be a co-pilot for a two bit smuggler on the outer rim (plus it could validate that theory about Chewie)

How did Han get the Falcon

hater gonna hate

Nothing is more iconic or memorable about Han than his beloved Millennium Falcon. Now we know he got it from Lando, and it was off of a bet, but can you imagine how epic that bet would be? Did Han cheat (this is Han we’re talking about)? Was Lando okay about it or was Lando trying to unload it because he’d stolen the ship from somewhere else?

Where did Han get his Vest

stormie hand

This is the story I would definitely tell if I was the writer. For those of you that don’t know, Han got his iconic outfit from when he was a cadet at the Imperial Academy. That’s right, Han could have been piloting a TIE Fighter or commanding a Star Destroyer. We know from script leaks that this is touched on in Episode VII. In addition, this would let Han shine as a young man who is looking for a place to belong, but would chafe under the strict regiment and evil nature of the Empire. Han, in his core, is a good person, and it’d be great to see him be a good person while giving the finger to the Empire, eventually, maybe, getting to save a tall, furry resistance fighter in the process?

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