burning tides

It’s time for a high stakes high seas adventure in the world of Runeterra in League of Legends. Currently League of Legends has a special summer event going on that currently has its focus on the characters of Graves (a grity gunsman) Twisted Fate, ( A Magic Card Sharp akin to Gambit,) Gangplank, (the king of the pirates,) and Miss Fortune, (A dual gun wielding vixen whose role is currently unknown in the unraveling plot of the event,) and maybe anonther character but that remains to be seen, (Tahm Kench perhaps given his unfinished lore page on the webpage which is unusual for the staff of Riot.)

The event features many fun new changes and additions in the form of special shop items, two champion updates, new lore for several characters, a reworked map, new announcer who reeks of pirates and scurvy, and an incoming special game setting which has yet to be released. The event is being released in acts similar to a play and features chapters of lore for each act as well as various game challenges to unlock icons for your profile. This aspect of the event is interesting in that each act has your follow a specific character and you complete challenges that are specific to that character and then you only will gain the rewards for that specific character, however, you can change your character you follow between acts, thus being able to alternate rewards each act. We also gained new skins for several champions like Miss Fortune, Garen, Twisted Fate, Graves, Aatrox, and Quinn which are below

captain fortune

As far as the Champion reworks go Miss fortune was on the minor side in that her only changes were changes to her impure shots (W) and her double up (Q) ability. Her Impure shots no longer apply grievous wounds but now when activated instantaneously applies strut which plays out very nicely for chasing or escapes. Her Double up became a bit more strategic and aggressive in that it now deals 150% damage if it kills the first target hit. As I played through her new update I found it was much easier to play aggressively and the insta-strut definitely adds a helpful mechanic to her gameplay and gives her even more mobility to make her a stronger character overall. Definitely a thumbs up in my opinion and fits into the theme of her being one of the more slippery pirates to catch in the lore.


Gangplank received a major overhaul in that he gained a visual rework, new abilities and a new passive, changing up his gameplay a lot allowing for more farming but also more counter play (PARLEEEY!!!) His new passive replaced the old grog soaked blade and now is called trial by fire and now deals bonus true damage on an attack similar to the way ignite works and also gives you bonus movement speed everytime this happens but it does have a 15 second cool down but its reset by his other new ability Powder keg which replaced his old E ability. Powder keg lays down exactly what it sounds like it does, a powder keg, which has 3 health and has decaying health but can be destroyed by either you or your enemies and explodes when it does. The explosion does damage but the real trick is that it can be blown up by your Parleey (Q) and apply all the gold beneficial effects that a normal Parleeey attack would. Given the fact that you can lay down about 5 of these puppies late game and explode all of them at once, (because they chain together and when one explodes they all do,) you can get some MASSSIVE gold gain per minion wave or set up a powder keg terrible explosion for your enemies when they unsuspectingly walk into a trapped bush similar to a teemo mushroom bush. Speaking of teemo mushrooms you can also store them in the same way (up to 5 of them at max level,) that you would store the pesky mushroom explosion devices. Scurvy recieved some re-adjustment on some of it ratios and now gives health based off of your missing health now on top of scaling really well with your ability power. (90 percent AP guys!)His ult now has a nifty upgrade ability in that for every gold you plunder with Parleeey, you gain a currency called a silver serpent which once you gain 500 of them you can spend to add extra abilities to your Cannon Barrage. Overall it definitely displays the king of the pirates in a much more terrifying light and these are for sure some buffs to his overall kit and while allowing for more counter-play he has definitely become far stronger than he was before and has much more potential to snowball his gold quickly and get a full build quicker than anyone else, but if Gangplank is the rich king of the pirates who already has a leg up on everyone else then it certainly fits into his theme to quickly scale up gold better than anyone else around.

burning tides 2

Act 3 still has a few days till release so it remains to be seen what comes next in the Bildgewater tale of pirates and even if you are behind now you can still catch up on whats happened because the game has you start in act 1 when you first begin regardless of how much content has already been released so if you like pirates and league then jump on in and join the party, especially since there are bonus free champions for the duration of the event that are part of the story or ocean themed…or at least the ocean champs aren’t part of the story yet.

Keep eating those oranges

Jerry Maynard

P.S. I don’t know why the rum is gone

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