Normally, I’m not one to give credence to casting rumors and hearsay. However, this most recent rumor on Dc’s potential film casting warranted my attention. Especially since it concerns my favorite super hero (or heroes depending on how you look at it) Green lantern! Recently, it has been heavily rumored that Chris Pine, most known for his role in another space sage as the new Captain Kirk, could be stepping into the role!

Originally, I had been holding out for this guy

nathan fillion

to play the role of Hal Jordan. Especially given his performance in the massively popular show Firefly, but this could be an acceptable substitute given how many of my reasons for liking Nathan Fillion in the role, Chris Pine also shares. Pine has experience playing a role that casts him in a space wayfarer. He has already proven himself to be good at playing the cocky, arrogant role that we know ace pilot space cop Hal Jordan so thoroughly embodies, and he looks the part as well. However, despite my thorough support for such a casting decision, I dare introduce to you perhaps, a pre casting plot twist. Chris Pine actually better embodies  and should play this guy


Guy Gardner is not the original earth Green Lantern, but he is one that Chris pine might even more accurately play than Hal Jordan. Gardner and Jordan share the same traits that I previously mentioned albeit Gardner is a bit less of a stickler for the rules and actually has some pretty tremendous rage problems, which actually end up causing a lot of fights between him and the other lanterns for a while and in the long run results in Gardner being granted a red power ring due to his rage problems. However I don’t see any of these differences being a problem for Pine to play, and in fact I see them more as reasons he would be better cast as Gardner than Jordan. Pine has already exhibited the traits required for both of these characters in his role as Capt. Kirk. He would simply have to bring out more aspects of that character than others and the more rageful and vengeant of the duo might be more apt to fit him especially given how it would open the door for more plot in Green Lantern universe. Especially if the other lanterns from Earth were introduced into the storyline at the same time. But this is still all still speculation until we have our official reveal of the Green lantern cast but hey we can hope right!

In brightest day
Jerry Maynard

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