E3 Star Wars Battlefront trailer

By Jerry Maynard

In the wake of the past few days we have seen a pleathora of information coming from our favorite gaming companies, some of which included information via conferences and other via cinematic trailers and gameplay trailers. Today we are going to nerd out and discuss one of the most anticipated games of the past year, Star wars Battlefront. Years ago when the last Battlefront was released I spent hours playing it and got pretty good at it, if I might say so myself. When the newest entry was announced I was curious as to what it would include to try to thrill new players while honoring the fans of the old games. They did not disappoint.

battle of hoth

You’ve got the classic shooter element, but the attention to detail genuinely seemed as if you were playing through the actual Battle of Hoth, which is always a good start. So you’ve got your foot soldier running around with his blaster rifle shooting at invader after invader with precision a stormtrooper would envy, and as he breaks out into the open air of the icy battlefield things get real, very quickly. You’ve got Walkers running around both of the AT-AT and AT-ST variety, TIE Fighters and X-Wings for days, a Star Destroyer flying through the sky, Speeders flying around trying to tackle walkers. The biggest thing on my mind as this example of cinematic and gaming beauty is “alright so how long is this guy running around gonna survive and how does one even make it through all of this without dying every 30 seconds from some walker or starfighter blowing you to bits?” Never fear though because all those fancy tech relics from the past of a distant galaxy aren’t just there for pretty background scenery, they are all accessible to the character which opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the player.

Much like in Empire Strikes Back, we see that the best way to take down an AT-AT is with a good ole harpoon and cable which brings us nostalgia of both joyful and yet frustrating variety (because roping those buggers is difficult). But your good ole foot soldier isn’t all useless. Turns out those AT-ST walkers cant take a blast from your rocket launcher.

tie fighters

Also in case you forgot, this game is genuinely beautiful in all its detail yet does not lose its grittiness that the original films had. The fun apparently doesn’t stop with just the rebel side though, you also get the joy of stomping on those rebel scum with the walkers yourself as an imperial stormtrooper during the battle or firing off some laser blasts from a TIE Fighter should you so choose that side. TIE Fighters blowing up stuff on Hoth guys!!!!

The climax of the trailer however is probably the introduction of a new mechanic in the game, lightsaber battles. Originally in Battlefront 2 when two lighsaber wielding foes came to a head it was just a clumsy slash fest where the winner was determined by who could hit the attack button first and faster. Now it seems that there is some sort of mechanic that has been introduced to account for the fact that when blades of light clash, they don’t just cut through one another.

space battle

All in all I am STOKED for Battlefront and can’t wait to get our hands on it and lose a lot of sleep reliving Star Wars. Just in case you haven’t seen the trailer click the link above to it and enjoy it for yourself. 

As always

May the force be with you

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