Voltron Season Four Leaves Us Wanting More

Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defenders launched their fourth season last friday, packing a lot of content into just six episodes. It’s a little rushed and not without its flaws, but the twists and turns are worth the ride. The new season is satisfying in content, if not in mode of delivery, Continue Reading

Netflix’s Dad of Light is Surprisingly Delightful

Final Fantasy 14: Dad of Light hit Netflix last month, featuring a heart-tugging narrative of a young man, Akio, trying to reconnect with his father through their shared love of Final Fantasy. This Japanese drama is sweet, clean, and the appropriate amount of campy, featuring the growth of both Akio Continue Reading

Voltron: Legendary Defenders Season Three Review

The first seven episodes of Voltron: Legendary Defenders Season Three were released on August 8th, starting the new arc for the members of Team Voltron. In the aftermath of the final battle with Zarkon, both the Voltron Paladins and the Galra empire are left leaderless, with Shiro missing and Zarkon Continue Reading

Mass Effect: Andromeda – Our First Impressions

We’re about fifteen hours into the Mass Effect: Andromeda single player gameplay, and have some thoughts on the journey thus far. Andromeda is clearly a step away from its predecessors, and offers a new look that still feels like a Mass Effect game, even as it handles very differently. WARNING: Continue Reading

Our Hopes for Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda is less than a week away, and Bioware has launched pre-release access on Origin and Xbox One. PeeBee and Cora’s relationships with maleRyder have been highlighted, we know the Kett are interlopers (not unlike ourselves on the Nexus), and that our goal is to find a ‘Golden Continue Reading