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7 Reasons Why Super Mario Maker Deserved To Be Nomitated For Game Of The Year

By Jerry Maynard

Yesterday the illustrious game selling title, “Game Of The Year” went to CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher 3 and while I have yet to see any argument against that decision I have seen quite a number of complaints that one of The Witcher 3’s major contenders for the title was none other than Nintendo’s sandbox platformer Super Mario Maker. In my opinion, if there has been any game that has earned a place on that nomination list, is this one and these are the reasons why.

1.) It’s refreshingly old-school and original all at once

super mario maker pt 1

This game allows you to take maps from four different era’s of our plumber’s heroics bringing not only a sense of nostalgia from being able to edit, imagine, and re-create some of your favorite levels from the past, but also allowing players to toy around with the newest elements introduced into Mario’s platforming adventures.

2.) The game is good for both casual and hardcore gamers alike

super mario maker hardcore
Have fun figuring this one out

With the ability to make levels for yourself and once you yourself complete them (Knowing the secret technique needed to finish it of course) post them online, the game has content that can be found to be exciting and fun for both the player just looking for a few quick levels to play when they have some time on their hands, to players looking for a platformer that will extract both tears and expletives from them in a way that only the likes of Dark Souls, Mario Party, and Mario Kart tournaments can. And the best part is, all of this is made by the player community itself!

3.) It’s a game that gives the power to the players

super mario maker custom courese

Yes that’s right all this content is player created so it is genuinely up to us what we want to see for the future of this game! How many other games can boast that the players determine what they will be playing in the future? Nintendo lately has found the value of player feedback in regards to DLC and given us the golden ability of being able to actually feel like and truly have a voice in what content we are being given by our developers (Which was also seen in the ballot for the Super Smash Bros DLC Character vote.)

4.) Gives you an appreciation for the developers

super mario maker creativity 2

This game lets you have a moment to understand what its like to be a game designer (or several moment’s depending on how much you like designing levels.) It puts you in their shoes while you determine what type of map you want to create and allows you to ask the questions some of the designers of the other Mario games had like “What type of map should I make?” “Do I want it to be soul crushingly difficult” “What Happens if I put these various power-ups in the level” “What happens if the floor is lava and all the pipes to get across are piranha plant pipes” “What the heck is a Waluigi anyways?”

5.) It’s a great way to get your kids thinking creatively again

super mario maker creativity

In today’s technology filled age there appears to be a lot to distract kids from the “Good Ole Days” where they would build stuff with their own two hands with legos or other toys or use their imaginations to build other things like pillow forts and what not due to rainy days outside. Now most games are less of a creative experience for children and more of a push buttons while looking intently at a screen. While yes that can be stimulating from time to time for critical thinking skills it appears that this game has taken that critical thinking training and taken a note from the game Minecraft and created a best of both worlds experience by allowing not only for their imaginations to run wild and free as they compose various terrain for Mario to run, jump, or even fly across but also still kept that puzzle solving element intact in which they may have to stop and think critically for a moment or two while playing through a map someone else has challenged their intellects with.

6.) Amiibo compatibility

Amiibo’s are legit, for real. I love them and the MASSIVE amount of Amiibo skins in this game is unreal and the fact that that compatibility allows you to fight Bowser and his armies of Goombas, Koopas, and other weird terrors as some of your other favorite characters like Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, Link, Samus, or even friggin Pac Man of all people is fantastic and  a brilliant move on Nintendo’s part that I applaud

7.)Its just downright fun and can be done over and over and a game where you actually get your money’s worth

It’s a game that is worth every single penny that you put into it and the ability to not only enjoy your oldest moments from Mario again and again, but also to experience something new EVERY TIME YOU PLAY THE GAME is not something to be taken lightly nor is the fact that all of that new contents comes from players like you or maybe not like you leading to your playing through of something you never would have though to create in your wildest dreams

So even though I did not not mean for this to be a review of Super Mario Maker, Nerd Union is still giving it a whopping 10/10 and until we play through The Witcher 3, you have our Game of The Year for 2015

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