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6 Things You Need To Know Before Playing Star Wars: Battlefront

By Jerry Maynard

In the past 6 hours I have ventured to a time long, long, ago, in a galaxy far, far, away. I have endured countless laser blasts from everything from shining white space nazi’s, rebel scum, alphabet shaped starships, and large hulking metal behemoths. I felt the heat of a blade made of pure color as it zipped past my helmet. I have seen men lifted up into mid air and had the life choked out of them and I have fought side by side with my comrade as we fended off wave after wave of behemoth and space nazi as they hunted us down for our very lives. You could also simply just say my friend and I stayed up all night playing the new Battlefront game.

Before you venture into your own galactic conquests we here at Nerd Union thought it necessary to issue a words of wisdom and caution for your outer space adventures, and on that note lets talk about our first point

6.) There are no outer space adventures


Yes, that is correct! There are ZERO space battles in this game at all. You will not be taking on hordes of tie fighters, bombers and interceptors as you try to discover how to destroy the ominous Death Star nor will you get to do anything else that has ever happened in space in the Star Wars films. Perhaps in the future that may be included as some of EA’s DLC content however we have zero information confirming that to be possible currently. Which lead us to our next point.

5.) This game feels like its missing something

battlefront menu

While there is a decent amount of content available in the game currently it still feels like there could have been more added to make better. While there are various styles of multiplayer games to be played, both in the online community and with the friend next to you in Co-Op, (something Halo 5 and Destiny were missing,) a lack of any form of a campaign mode can be felt strongly in the game and while it has a FEW iconic locations in the game you may (after a few hours of play mind you,) feel as if the game is getting a little bit repetitive.

4.) Your load out decisions are REALLY IMPORTANT

battlefront loadout

This is actually a pretty neat feature because it allows every single player to be able to play in a way that suits them and not just force you into some generic pre-set class every time you start a match. While it only allows a single rifle choice to start with it wont be long before you unlock other options that suit how you as a player would like to roll over the stormtrooper forces and allows you to at least be able to fend off literally any foe in the game after you have ranked up enough. Seriously, an oncoming At-St walker doesn’t have to mean insta-death with this system!

3.) The Hero characters are as hard to kill as they were in the movies.

battelfront heroes

Seeing this guy run at you in game is actually one of the scariest things that can happen to you in game. Heroes are REALLY hard to kill if its someone who knows how to play and they will do some damage do your team before they are beaten. However there is a tactic which has been quite effective in stopping these battlefield juggernauts.

2.) Tie Fighter’s and other starships make anti-hero character weapons.


Seriously though, flying your starfighter into the enemy hero character is a completely logical step to take when confronted with the possible destruction of half of your forces. Plus you might make someone nerd rage in the process which is always worth it right? And it also helps illustrate my final point for the day.

1.) Despite it’s imperfections you will have fun

battlefront victory

Even though it feels like a half finished game , it is a fun half finished one. The game even from the moment you turn it on throws you into the fray and while it is even installing tries its best to immerse you into the Star Wars universe. While I do hope they finish filling the game out in the future (without gouging our wallets in the process,) you will find that its current pieces are quite enjoyable despite their imperfections.

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