By Jerry Maynard

With the recent announcement of Cloud Strife to the roster of the newest entries of Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros,(and thus solidifying it as the greatest fighting game of all time,) it has become clear that as far as the character choices go for this fighting classic, the sky is the limit and even still Nintendo seems to be in the business of breaking those limits…get it…they are limit breakers…….

ok anyways…

So if even Square Enix Characters are plausible additions for the game then we submit the following list of Smash Bros hopefuls!

Issac (Golden Sun)Issac smash bros

Issac was the main protagonist for the game Golden Sun for the GBA and featured in its sequels as well. The game itself was one of my favorite RPGs that I have ever played and Issac himself has garnered enough fan attention to have at least earned a spot as an assist trophy in the Super Smash Bros Brawl entry. Perhaps with the growing fan requests and Nintendo’s ballot for new  characters we could see him join our favorite fighter’s roster.

Chrono (Chrono Trigger)


ITS CHRONO, nuff said!



Vectorman was the hero of a side scrolling shooter that I can only assume was Sega’s answer to Samus from the Metroid series. Despite Sega’s failure at console success this game was a ton of fun and I could see Vectorman’s power set being perfectly adaptable to the Smash Bros Series.


Banjo and Kazooie

banjo kazooie 2

These two have had a growing set of fan requests for quite sometime now and given how much of a success they were on the Nintendo 64 and honestly part of that system’s appeal and nostaliga, it seems that the duo have earned their space on a Smash Bros roster list.

Ninja Turtles

ninja turtles

This entry is a bit far fetched but who doesn’t love the turtles! They have been the stars of games on Nintendo consoles before so I see no reason as to why they couldn’t have a guest appearance in a Smash Bros game.  Plus they are friggin ninjas! That screams fighter game worthy, especially when Smash Bros already has some other ninjas in it already!



If you are going to add Cloud then this entry was only a matter of time. It ought to be the destined of course, let’s be honest. Who doesn’t want to be able to play out battles between Sephiroth and Cloud in a Smash Bros style fighter!


zero mega man

I personally really enjoy playing as zero in both the Mega Man X and Mega Man Zero series and honestly the idea of having the Maverick hunting swordsman in the game with Mega Man just feels right. I mean come on they already added a skin for the Mii Fighter that is inspired by him. Why not just go ahead and add him in!



Hey if Cloud can get a spot in Smash why not Goku? Nintendo has already worked with the folks in charge of Dragon Ball video games before and we already have one character who gets stupid powerful when their hair turns yellow, so why not add in another?


dead pool smash

The idea of a fourth wall breaking Deadpool in Smash Bros just seem right to me. I mean honestly how could they not add Deadpool into the game. Deadpool would just start talking to the player directly if they start losing the fight or something crazy like that.


We have R.O.B. and he is not nearly as cool as this guy, and lets face it, R2 is the real hero of Star Wars anyway so if we have to take one character it may as well be the hero. But seriously it would be awesome to be able to run around the battlefield as R2 D2 and just wreck people’s faces as our favorite little Robot (Sorry, not sorry R.O.B.) Afterall, He did already prove his fighting ability in Episode III when he set those Battle Droids on fire….you sure you think you could handle this guy in a fight?

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