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9 Remixes Of Classic Gaming Tunes To Get You Amped

By Jerry Maynard

This week at Nerd Union we’ve gotten pretty real about some things going on in nerd culture and we love that you guys have supported us in those things and also given us encouragement and feedback on those things! So thanks! Now it is Friday and we wanted to give you some great covers of some of your favorite gaming tunes that you may or may not have heard before as sort of a back ground music to the end of your week (Or something to get you ready for the adventure of today!) So without further ado, here are a few twists on some old classic gaming tunes!

Song of Storms

Gerudo valley

Dragon Born

Pokemon Gym Leader Battles

One Winged Angel

Sonic and Knuckles : Doomsday Zone

Halo theme

Mario (Mario Gets 2 because Super Mario!)

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