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Where Is Luke Skywalker?

By W.T. Bane

Last week was a huge week in Star Wars teasedom. We were gifted a new poster, a new trailer and the chance to buy Star Wars tickets in advance, which we did. However there has been something that many fans have been wondering ever since our first glimpse into the Force Awakens: where is Luke Skywalker??????

His name has second billing on the poster, yet he isn’t on it himself. We have only seen one shot of Mark Hamill in costume and it was a behind the scenes grab. The second trailer does have Luke in a voice-over role, but he is repeating lines from Return of the Jedi, and only when he says “I have it (the Force)” do we see a hooded figure place a metallic right hand on R2D2, implicating it’s Luke himself. Saying it’s odd that the main hero of the entire original trilogy is missing is an understatement. Just recently J.J. Abrams himself has admitted this has been for a reason.

So where is he? What has he been doing? He’s got to be in the movie at some point. So let’s discuss some of those rumors floating around as to what he has been doing since the Return of the Jedi…

Attempting to Rebuild the Jedi Order

I say attempt because it hasn’t gone so well just yet. The title of the new film suggests a renaissance of the Force and rumors indicate that the film will center on the first new Force sensitives since the Skywalker twins themselves. Also by the brief part of the conversation between Han and Rey we were exposed to in this last trailer, the common person only knows of stories of Jedi and the Dark Side, so their presence is certainly not common place in the galaxy. It seems to indicate that she is speaking of stories of old that have been passed down in the almost 50 years since the Jedi were all but wiped out, or she could be speaking of new stories because…

Luke has trained few other force users in this time

In the trailer, Han, Rey and Finn make their way to a temple looking building with many flags adorning it (although it appears there are some Mandalorian flags present too in the bunch), could this facility be Luke’s new training grounds and where we finally find Luke in the film? Perhaps Han is guiding the two new force users to the facility to meet the wise Luke.

Luke is in therapy

Yeah as a kid he wanted some excitement, but then he got thrown into a death trap of a trash compactor, thrown into a suicide mission to blow up a genocide machine, was almost eaten by a snow bear/Sasquatch, then almost froze to death, chops his clone’s head off, got his own hand chopped off by who he then found out was his long (not quite dead) father who is one of the main forces of evil in the entire galaxy, loses and has to rescue one of his best friends while seeing his sister prance around half naked, loses both of his masters who gave him purpose beyond being a farmer, almost gets eaten by a teddy bear, chops his dad’s hand off, gets electrocuted like no one’s business, then watches his father die before trying to escape another exploding genocide machine.

If anyone deserves a break it’s this guy. Look he’s been through some stuff and maybe he needed to spend some time on a couch talking to someone about all the craziness he’s been through and it’s taking him 30 years to get over it. Luke has been through so much that he’s seeing dead guys walk around that no one else has apparently seen (in the movies guys, the expanded universe books don’t count anymore), so perhaps he went to get help and take a break from adventuring.

He’s not Kylo Ren

Kyle just gave us 6 reasons why he is NOT KYLO REN so we aren’t getting into that bag of tricks.

But maybe he is Supreme Leader Snoke!

We haven’t seen what Snoke looks like. We know Andy Serkis is allegedly playing him in the film, but maybe Serkis is just doing the motion capture for some bad ass Lord of the Rings type Sauron armor that Luke is rocking whenever he is leading the first order with Hamill doing the voice over. People forget Darth Vader was played by two different people.  It’s not crazy. Want to know why? Because Hamill gave J.J. Abrams the idea of Luke going evil at a dinner they had together 10 years ago.  Fast forward to the 12 min mark for the conversation.
So maybe Luke finally gets his chance to do some real force choking again.

Luke is the reason that the Force is awakening

Perhaps Luke has been spending time with the Force in the last 30 years. In fact, he is so powerful in the force that he is able to manipulate the midichlorians to create life … Ok, even I don’t like referring to those m-words. So maybe he’s been researching how to use the force to find those who are capable of becoming Jedi’s and perhaps he is the one who is knocking on their Force door saying “let me in” so we can go do bad ass Jedi stuff and swing some lightsabers. Perhaps Luke’s absence is in his meditation that has created this great awakening. Or…

Luke is hiding because he is so powerful he fears he has become a threat to the very existence of the galaxy itself

Perhaps Luke is so powerful that he can destroy life with a single thought and is in hiding to keep his mind at peace to prevent him from falling to the Dark Side like his father did.

He’s become an all star podracer. Maybe the guy just wanted to make some credits after saving the entire galaxy from tyranny, well kinda saved it because the galaxy still doesn’t look like it’s that well off right now.

He’s been practicing with The Muppets on Planet Koozebane for the big finale number of When You Wish Upon A Star.[youtube]

His disembodied head is actually rolling around inside of BB-8 so he can deliver one final message to the Resistance, that Jar Jar Binks is Kylo Ren.

Only time will tell till we actually see Luke Skywalker on screen. There are conflicting rumors floating around about how much he will actually be in the movie, but once he does appear on screen hopefully we will finally get some answer as to what the great new hope of the galaxy has been up to and why we are having to work so hard to see him.

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