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17 Childhood Theme Songs for Instant Nostalgia

A while back we posted a list of 8 theme songs that defined the childhood of millennials. After writing this list, it was IMMEDIATELY brought to my attention that perhaps the list was not quite inclusive and I promised a new list… A bigger list….A list to end all other lists! Ok maybe not all of that, but I did promise an updated, more accurate list and while my promise was answered far too late, I have altered my parameters through which I had previously defined my rankings and have been given the magic number of 17. Thus OUR NEW RANKINGS.

17.)School house rock

This one may be a bit far out, but it was literally a show full of catchy tunes with the intent of teaching kids how to understand the complexities of the completely logical structure of the English language. ( HA, just kidding on that logical part but seriously this show did a good job of what its goal was.)


I say this as opposed to Looney Tunes simply because of the fact that Looney Tunes was simply before my time but this classic however hit me right in the childhood, and I remember many an afternoon of coming home from school to watch this show and having a lot of laughs from this one.

15.)Darkwing duck

This show was basically like goofy ridiculous Batman but you know, Disney-esque and honestly it was one of my favorite TV shows as a kid

14.)X Men

This show actually might have been a cause of some emotional stress in my childhood due to watching the sagas of the various characters play out in a way that actually was far more mature than I understood even as a child, especially watching the Phoenix saga play out. This show was one of the first to introduce me to super heroes and is probably a huge factor in my current nerd level


Ducktales was the one of the most adventurous, goofy, fun, and heartwarming shows I watched as a child and seeing the tales of all the characters play out and the wacky adventures they went on in each episode not only made me laugh a lot as a kid but also left a bit of trauma on me. (I’m still a little bit terrified of getting sucked into an escalator to this day as a result of watching this show.) Plus this might actually be the catchiest kids TV show theme song I have ever heard.

12.)Pinky and the Brain

While personally not one of my own favorites, I know many an adult who loved this show as a child and it has an incredibly huge fan base. Plus the idea of a couple of lab mice (one being a genius and the other you know….not being one,) trying to rule the world was an extremely bold premise in the first place.


This show man….so many people I know watched this as a kid or at least have heard of it or seen clips from it or something and it is the best example of the CRAZY stuff we came up with as children to entertain ourselves with and honestly perhaps a reminder to not forget to be enthralled with the beauty of the world around us and use our imaginations to see what wonders and adventures lie in what’s right before our very eyes

10.)Dragon Ball Z

How do I describe Dragon Ball Z…..It’s simply just the most epic cartoon ever…like over the top epic beyond all reason and is the most adrenaline channeling thing I have ever watched on a tv or internet ever….JUST WATCH THE VIDEO AND GO SUPER SAIYAN….or you know, crap your pants trying…

9.) Transformers

This show inspired the black hole my allowance flew into as a child, (well this show and Power Rangers.) Seriously, I thought that the idea of cars and vehicles turning into giant robot warriors was like the coolest thing on earth and wanted like every single toy associated with it…hence it was a brilliant marketing ploy that I now see as an adult but that ploy still doesn’t make Transformers any less cool

8.)Captain Planet

CAPTAIN PLANET! HE’S A HERO! GONNA TAKE POLLUTION DOWN TO ZERO! This show made recycling and going green the most epic thing to do and Captain Planet was like the Avatar of saving the planet. Perhaps a bit cheesy but I still watched this show and had all the emotions vested into it as a kid and currently think about Captain Planet and the Planeteers whenever I consider not recycling that plastic or paper on my desk. Speaking of the Planeteers…

7.) Magic School Bus

If I am ever a teacher, this is how I want class to go. We get in the bus and go on adventures to either deep ocean wonderland, magical music museums, outer-flippin-space, or my other sick student’s intestines (ok maybe I would dodge that one.) Ms. Frizzle and the gang had the most epic class times that were completely unreal and I actually did learn quite a bit as kid watching this show. Maybe this is why I loved science during all of my school age years….although at my old school we never had adventures with a tricked out wizard bus.

6.)Bill Nye The Science Guy!

While I personally actually never saw much of this show it was a catalyst for many a nerd to have an increased interest in SCIENCE. This show is a classic hit among many and is like one of the pinnacles of childhood nostalgia for most adults and it too, like the next show, did a fantastic job of creating the dynamic duo of fun and learning!

5.) Reading Rainbow

Reading a book will allow you do to ANYTHING…ok maybe not really but this was a great way to get kids, who may have been becoming bored with books, to have an increased desire to read, which is good for the imagination….WHERE YOU CAN IN FACT DO ANYTHING! *drops mic*

4.)Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The title says it all. It literally is that epic and actually did a great job of representing differing types of personalities in such a way that every kid had a character they could identify with or view as their favorite. Plus you know we nerds are now all addicted to pizza because of favorite Turtle Ninjas.


I personally am a huge fan of Pokemon and still play it to this day. GET OVER IT. But seriously this show while incredibly cheesy is still actually pretty ridiculous and a huge source of nerd fights and nostalgia to this day…..Now ask yourself …who would win Mewtwo or Arceus

2.)Batman: The Animated Series

If you don’t like this show I don’t know how you got to this point in the list or this page but regardless this song by itself will evoke more memories and may even actually send you into such depths of those memories that the people around you right now are wondering why you are staring off into space drooling as you are reliving the memories from this show….Seriously though, this show is THE BEST Animated Cartoon ever….EVER.

1.)Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The theme song for this show IS THE MOST METAL THING and honestly this show is for me probably the one that is most nostalgic. I watched every episode up to the end of Turbo and I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t have a favorite ranger or series from this show even if its one of the new ones. I think I genuinely wanted to be a Power Ranger when I grew up and was quite heartbroken when I found out that I in fact could not be a ranger because you know…real life and stuff.

Honorable Mention


This didn’t completely hit it out of the park with a lot of people but the plots of the show after season 1 were actually really good and attracted a very niche crowd.

G.I. Joe


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