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Eight Reasons Marvel Needs the Rights to the Fantastic Four

By James Nelson & Kenneth Shipp

With all the rumors running around yesterday, it really got us thinking how great it would be to see the Fantastic Four in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s a big universe with lots of ideas, I mean, it was Stan Lee’s first crack at superheroes, so it’s brimming with some of his (and Jack Kirby’s) best, most off-the-wall ideas. Here’s a list of what Marvel can do with the rights:

archer FF

Fantastic Four TV Series on ABC Family


I mean, it only makes sense. With Pretty Little Liars wrapping up it’s final season ABC Family will need another ratings hit, and there will be none better than Marvel’s first family. We all know that comics are best adapted as TV shows (The Incredible Hulk and Daredevil for example), so maybe that’s the problem. Fox has been trying to adapt something for the big screen that’s just not meant to be there. Much of the underlying tension in the series revolves around little interfamily squabbles. Even their greatest villain, Doom, as an intimate family relationship with the heroes, and that’s hard to communicate with the proper depth in a two and a half hour CGI fest. In addition, it would also help return ABC Family to actually having programming that is family friendly.

A Galactus and his Herald’s rock band


You know you were thinking it too. Galactus, the giant, world eating, force of nature who needs to rock every planet or risk throwing the entire galaxy out of whack. It could feature any or all of his heralds through out the years, Silver Surfer, Nova, Stardust, or maybe even Deadpool from the that one ridiculous time. The F4 would be a rival band that they meet in a battle of the bands situation. Yeah you’re totally picturing it now.

Make Dr. Doom the main villain of the MCU after Thanos


Keeping with the tradition that F4 has given us better villains than actual F4 stories, bringing Doom fully into the MCU will be the best decision they’ve ever made. They need to cast a great actor in the role however. If Fassbender wasn’t already locked into Magneto, he’d be perfect for it. Find another strong actor who wants to be in the MCU for awhile and who has the gravitas to pull it off. You could be looking at a potential phase 4, 5, 6 villain who would not be going away for a while.

Insert the Skrull into their rightful place in Guardians of the Galaxy as the primary antagonists of the Kree

The Kree vs some dudes War doesn’t have the ring or weight to it that Kree-Skrull does. This fight spans and involves many members of the Marvel universe at various times. Heck, the Skrulls only want Earth so that they can better attack the Kree. It’s great though because of how many Marvel characters get introduced and involved with this fight. It will probably show up in Guardians of the Galaxy eventually and would a great potential addition to Agents of Shield in season 4.

Adapt Secret Invasion, but do it right

secret wars

This was definitely one of the best Marvel event series and it could finally happen on the big screen now that the Skrull are available. If you’re not familiar, it’s very reminiscent to the deception we saw Hydra pull off in the MCU (I would argue that might have been what they were aiming for since they didn’t have the rights at the time). Except they would be invading Earth and replacing many of our favorite characters with shape shifting Skrulls. (Okay, so it’s a little different) The amount of distrust that gets planted during and after this attack is staggering. It would also setup a few more possibilities like the Dark Reign storyline perhaps? You know, the one where Norman Osborn creates the organization HAMMER and capitalizes on the aftermath of the invasion.

Imagine a Skrull-Hydra alliance on Agents of Shield. That would make a great season 4.

What if the Hydra takeover attempt was just the beginning? Hydra never dies and there are a bunch of splintered Hydra operatives all over the place in hiding. With Baron Zemo about to make his debut in Civil War, it wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility of a team up. Or heck, why not make Zemo a Skrull who, in reunifing the fractured Hydra factions is secretly slipping in his own Skrull agents as well in preparation to take over the Earth? Could be interesting indeed and would play upon the seeds already growing from the Hydra secret from Winter Soldier and AoS Season One

Give Mole Man his proper on-screen debut

Wait, what the heck? Kyle, are you serious? Mole Man!? I’m not freaking writing about fuc…oh…I’m contractually obligated? Right, as if my contract actually says that…

Dang it, they hide it in a subsection. Crafty devils!!
Dang it, they hide it in a subsection. Crafty devils!!

Okay, I’ll try to do him justice. Mole Man is an incredibly intelligent, subterranean villain who stumbles upon an entire world underneath the Earth and adapts the technology and populace to his will. If written correctly, you could probably get a very decent arc from him for the aforementioned F4 ABC Family show. I doubt he would make a very good movie villain though.

Make a decent movie, and show Fox that they can actually be adapted.

jack nick

We’ve had 4 bad Fantastic Four movies. Yep, even the Jessica Alba and young Cap-Chris Evans versions have to go into that list. All this film has to do it just be released by Marvel and it’s mediocrity would be better than half of the stuff Fox’s main studio pumps out. They shouldn’t set the bar that low, I’m just letting you know who low it already is. It also wouldn’t hurt if it were comparable in quality to the Incredibles. That film already did what F4 should have done and did it much better. A great casting and story are key points here, they have to capture our imagination and interest better than the previous heaps of garbage.

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  1. graemewilliams87 graemewilliams87 October 17, 2015

    All great points, I especially agree with making Doom the big bad after Thanos. No one but Doom has had ongoing rivalries with entire universe. Even Daredevil and Spidey used to take him on on the regular back in the day. Great post.

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    excellent blog Im a big Marvel comic fan from Germany

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