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    • Pokemon Sun And Moon Rental Team QR Code Library
      Hey all! With the release of the QR team rental feature being launched today we thought it would be helpful to create a forum where people can post their teams publicly for people to try out and give feedback on! We also wanted it to be a place where people would easily be able to find teams with some of their favorite Pokemon as well! Enjoy!   Currently the only rules is keep it classy and don't be toxic and trash talk people here. Help them build up a better team, not tear them down personally.   Thanks!   -Jerry (Games Editor)
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    • 2 weeks, 6 days ago

       Nerd Union

    • Welcome to our Forum!
      We here are Nerd Union are wanting foster an open dialogue between us and our audience, as well as create a safe place for everyone to have a discussion about the topics we all care about. That being said, we have a few rules we'd like everyone to follow:  
      1. Be courteous. If you are a douche, you will get the boot.
      2. Be on topic. If you're debating the continuity errors in the new Trek movies don't start throwing in links to a review of Arrow. Not saying you can't have rabbit trails of thought, but try not to jam blogspam down people's throat.
      3. Don't take things too serious.
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    • 5 months ago

       Trevor Law