How to Beat Mewtwo In Pokemon Go

Starting today, Niantic will theoretically be sending the first batch of invites out for their EX raid feature. This battle will currently feature a showdown with the one and only Mewtwo, whom has been teased ever since the first trailer for the game was revealed. To help you prepare, we Continue Reading

What We Know About Pathfinder: Kingmaker the Video Game

  At the 3rd day of GenCon 50, there was a panel of the upcoming Pathfinder Kingmaker game. Led by Alexander Mishulin, he went over the basics of the new game, it’s goals, and how much it would remain the same, and different from the original Pathfinder Kingmaker adventure path. Continue Reading

Battletech is a Daring Tabletop Adaptation for the Ages

Harebrained Schemes (HBS) arrived at GenCon with the latest update to their game, Battletech, which included the demo for the single player mode. Battletech, as a property, has a long and storied history. It’s only fitting that the man who created it, Jordan Weisman, is the one at the helm. Continue Reading

MetaArcade Previews Adventure Creator Platform at GenCon

  Last year, a small startup from Seattle, Washington showed up to GenCon with a prototype and a dream: to be the destination for artists and writers to bring their stories to the world. They developed a software which allowed creators to write and bring in art and music into Continue Reading

Pathfinder Online Is Finally Coming To The Masses

Paizo, on the opening day of GenCon, had an open meeting updating the current state of the Pathfinder MMO. Lisa Stevens, the CEO of Paizo led the frank and informative discussion about the history, current status, and future of the MMO. She began this by bringing up the first meeting Continue Reading

Think Not Attacking Gyms Hurts The Other Team? News Flash: You’re Wrong

Pokemon Go recently had a massive overhaul to the gym system that lefts some players excited and others a bit frustrated. The new system has been massively rewarding to those players that previously could not compete in gyms due to the massive amount of gym hoarding that higher leveled players Continue Reading

Why The New Pokemon Go Gym Update Is Good For The Whole Game

Niantic recently released a TREMENDOUS overhaul to the gym battle system in game that pretty much changes everything except the actual battle techniques themselves. Many players are pretty excited for the update due to how great it is for the general game population but some have decided to vocalize some Continue Reading