Race for the Galaxy: A Top Pick to Start the New Year

Race for the Galaxy (RftG) is a game from Rio Grande Games that combines the strategies of a living card game (LCG) with those of an empire builder. Players “race” through the galaxy to be the first ones to build a tableau of developments and planets in order to outscore Continue Reading

The Jekyll Island Comic-Con

This past weekend marked my trip to the Jekyll Island Comic-con (http://www.jekyllislandcomicon.com) in sunny Georgia. Artists, gamers, and nerds united to pay homage to a plethora of different genres and talents at this small town comic convention. Even being a low-scale two-day event, there was plenty to look at and Continue Reading

Talisman: It Really is a Magical Quest

Let’s make this easy, if you are a fan of board games, dungeon crawlers, variety, replayability, D&D, or not just staring at your wife for two hours when she says “entertain me!”, go out and get a copy of Talisman, from Fantasy Flight Games. If you haven’t heard of Talisman, Continue Reading

Kickstarter, Board games, and You

Kickstarter has changed the way we put our ideas into action. From a reissue of Newton’s Principia Mathematica to a box that does absolutely nothing useful, Kickstarter has given ordinary people with extraordinary ideas a method to make those visions real. One of the largest explosions we have seen from Continue Reading