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Pokemon GO!: Gen 2 Update Officially Hits The World

Well, it’s official, there is a new Pokemon in town, or around 80 to be more precise. Not to mention a couple new berries and some new mechanics to bring a fresh new feel to the Pokemon GO! World. The new Pokemon steal the show and we look forward to finding out an “official” list of what are in and still missing from Johto Pokedex.

It’s also worth noting that there is a sale on Pokemon slots right now to help all the trainers to catch those new Pokemon out there. This sale reduces the cost by 50% which is no small bit and allows players to max out their inventory (1000 Little monsters) for around 15 USD. That’s not bad, or necessary, but it may be wise to buy a few extra spaces for the future updates I think Niantic has proven it can deliver on.

Check out the official trailer:

And Stay Tuned for more information as we get out there and try to catch them all for you guys!

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