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Pokemon Go Is Officially Getting 80+ New Pokemon This Week

On top of a very well received Valentines Day event, Niantic gave players another surprise this week in an official announcement regarding the arrival and implementation of 2nd generation Pokemon and host of other new in game goodies for players. Check out the latest information below!

According to Niantic 80+ new 2nd generation Pokemon are inbound this week. There is still no word as to when we will see an event with any of the Legendary Pokemon but if you recall in the Pokemon Movies, we didn’t actually see any encounters with the Legendary birds until after the Johto region was released. In addition to this, Niantic confirmed that the new evolutions would be accessible and that there will be some new items included with the new Pokemon. These new items range from evolution items to new berries which have varying effects such as the Pinap berry which doubles the amount of candy you receive from a catch if the catch succeeds. (Great for rare Pokemon!)

You can check out further details at Niantics official Pokemon Go Blog here!

What are you most excited about with the coming gen 2 update? Let us know in the comments below!!!!

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