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Share The Love With Chansey, Clefable And More In Pokemon GO!

Valentines day came early in Pokemon GO today with a brand new surprise Holiday event that features all sorts of sweet treats! We’ve got the details for you on all the festivities and increased spawn rates!

Niantic has crafted this event well in building a thematic around several of the modern traditions of Valentines Day. From today at 11am PST until 11AM PST on February 15th, you can expect to find increased spawn rates of Chansey (THANK YOU!) Clefable, and all sorts of other cute pink Pokemon! In addition to this, to fit the chocolate and candy sharing tradition of couples during the holiday, all transfers, catches, and hatches will yield double the amount of candy that it normally would, making this a great time to transfer some of those Pokemon you have been saving up or go out for some long walks and hatch some eggs if you live in the Southern Hemisphere where it is warm and summer, or you are find yourself with some free time in one of these randomly warmer days. To continue on with the pink thematic, Niantic has informed us that we can “Go out and paint the town pink,” by placing lure modules around town that will last for SIX HOURS! You heard me right. Go grab some friends and place a lure module at your favorite spot and enjoy a nice meal or two and take advantage of those increased spawn rates for FAR longer than normal via the event and the module. You also have a higher chance of hatching Smoochum, Igglybuff, and Cleffa during the event so if you are missing out on those Pokemon as well, now is a great time to use up some of those extra incubators you may have been storing from the previous event. So what are you waiting for? Oh that’s right, its work and school hours, but afterwards, get out there and spread some love! Drop some lure modules and take advantage of all the event bonuses and finish out that Pokedex or level up some of your favorite pink Pokemon!!!


Check out the official blog from Niantic here!

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