Hello Games has produced a cosmically huge title in “No Mans Sky” and we have a few initial thoughts on the game for all you explorers looking for feedback on the game and the mysteries of the universe.

In our initial adventures into this uncharted territory, the game literally starts you off in your own little world, except its not little at all … it’s your own giant planet. That being said, this is about as much explanation as the game gives you upon entry into the great unknown. Oddly enough, part of what made the first few hours of the game so charming was not really having a clue what was going on and being forced to explore and find relics and such to learn about the universe of the game. Let it be known that there is NO shortage of things to do in this game. There is literally a whole universe’s worth of planets to explore and each of them has a landscape that dwarfs the landscape of any before it (including you Xenoblade Chronicles X.) 

The moment you begin to understand how vast the universe is and even comprehend how HUGE each planet in that universe is you may find yourself ignoring your main quest goals and just wandering around trying to figure out what all lies on the planet in front of you, and seeing if you can hunt down rare resources and animals as you traverse your newfound worlds. Add in the fact that you get to name each planet AND each system you discover, you will genuinely feel like this game is quite literally your very own adventure and it would not be an exaggeration to say that no other player will experience what you do while adventuring your way to the center of the galaxy.


That being said, the game’s story is not very well fleshed out upon entry into the universe but it does provide some initial mystery with this strange Red Orb that shows up in the first 10 seconds of the game to act as your guide. The game also gives you some direction as to what you should be doing via means of a sort of quest system that has you hunting down resources to upgrade your ship and gain better equipment to traverse the stars as a result. (We also recommend exploring around yourself a bit. In our adventure, we managed to upgrade our mining gun twice in the first hour just by talking to some strange looking alien who wanted some carbon and a little bit of kindness.) While unorthodox, this resource hunting actually manages to function as a bit of a outside of the box tutorial and if you can be patient with the game, you will actually find yourself enjoying learning how to play via this method much more than you might with other games that give you all the information to play straight out of the gate. This is perhaps due to the fact that taking your time learning the system really gives you time to appreciate the worlds you find yourself in and immerses you into the exploration side of the game instead of thrusting you into some sort of combat setting against the mysterious sentinels. Initially it was a bit frustrating but had it not been a slower tutorial, I actually might not have learned as much as I did about exploring the world, and would definitely have much less of an appreciation for the design and beauty of the game. Probably would have missed some extra upgrades I found by accident as well. I should add in though, you will do yourself a favor by checking out the on foot controls before you start shooting at enemies. The tutorial does not tell you how to run, and they will find and kill you ruthlessly  if you don’t have any method of escaping them.

As far as the story goes and the reason for getting to the center of the galaxy goes…..well…we aren’t quite there yet seeing how the galactic exploration has only just begun but never fear, as the game progresses and more players set off on their adventures, we will keep you informed and get back to you on the cosmic mystery of this red orb and what seems to be leading you into the center of all of No Man’s Sky’s creation. Since the game is so vast and also so new, the exploration experience also currently is rather lonely but perhaps with time, this too will also change and we will find ourselves with companions in our journey across the stars.

See you at the Kingdom of the Wild Turkeys (Get to the galaxy center and find out what that means!)



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