Square Enix has  A TON going on for it this year as far as game releases go but recently they seem to have pulled a surprise winner out of the hat in their new mobile title: Mobius Final Fantasy. In case you are new to the game, we wanted to give you a few tips and tricks from our own experiences to help you out.


1.) Grind previous areas early on to help you get ahead on skillseeds from the start.

I promise this might seem monotonous but I wish I had done this when I started. If you take the extra time to just go ahead and re play through some of the earlier tutorial levels and get some extra copies of ability cards you already have then you can use them to fuse with early on and have a lot more skillseeds per battle as you progress though later levels. This will make unlocking new panels on the skill board MUCH easier and make job expansions that much easier to access. You don’t need to grind a ton of card copies, just like 3 or 4 of each of your starter ones. It will help a lot in the long run, trust me.


2.) You can refresh your rental card list up to 3 times

So up in the right corner of your rental list you will see a symbol that has a circle with arrows. If you click this it allows you to refresh the list of available rental options. This is incredibly handy when you are going into an area that you know will have a tough boss monster and you need a rental card that will either give you some decent healing or has a low cost attack that the boss will be weak against. (Looking at you Famfrit rentals) But be warned, you can only refresh up to 3 times so once you get to that last one, what you get is what you’ve got to work with. If your odds are still incredibly low though, just go to a different easier stage and use one of your final rental choices and then you can start over on the hard level again.


3.) Save your ability tickets

If you can manage to save up those tickets, after a while you will be able to spend a whole lot of them at once to purchase abilities that come maxed out, saving you a lot of tie and earning you far more skillseeds per card with each fight. And those extra skillseeds add up quickly.


4.) The best way to increase rank is to save your super effective attacks for break mode

This is kind of complicated but if you can managed to use your neutral coverage abilities on a boss to get its break gauge down and then engage break mode using normal attacks, then you will score a lot higher when you use your super effective attacks on a foe.


4.) Every odd numbered orb you spend on element drive increases the turns by 1

This helped me out a lot in learning how to not die during a few crucial fights. So the way this works is that you get 1 turn of resistance for every odd interval of orbs that you spend on an element drive. See the photo above? I had 9 fire orbs at my disposal to use for either abilities or element drive. When I used them on the element drive, it gave me 5 turns worth of fire resistance since 9 is the 5th odd interval. Here’s a photo of that as well.


So hopefully that helps, its has saved me a number of times personally.

Screenshot_20160805-171859 Screenshot_20160805-171856

5.) Save all those nifty bronze openers you have been getting.

As a part of their welcome to the game event, Square Enix is giving players all sorts of nifty gifts, not the least of which are the free bronze openers. That being said DON’T USE THEM YET! Save them for some of the more expensive skills that will cost you a lot more skills seeds on the second page or third pages of your skill panel. The photo above shows the difference of costs between the openers and just using regular skill seeds. (This was for my mage skill panels.)

Screenshot_20160805-173142 Screenshot_20160805-173138

6.) You can combine Magicite and summon tickets to spend in the shop

Do you feel like it will take FOREVER to save up enough tickets or Magicite to spend on that new Job or on a new maxed out ability in the shop? Well don’t fret because you actually can combine your Magicite and summon tickets together in a purchase so it makes saving up for something go a little bit faster.

Hopefully these few tips help you out in your quest to become the next Warrior of Light!

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