Nerd Union has been keeping a text based guide for all of your user submissions. But now we’re empowering you to update the PokeMap! We have decided to host Google Maps on our site so that you can tag locations as you go about. Help your fellow trainers and drop a pin whenever you catch a new Pokemon and help us fill out this guide!!! Check it out after the jump….

Submission Rules:

  1. Anyone is allowed to add pins, but please attempt to do as accurate as possible. Remembering to pin while you are in the area would be best, but if you have to add them when you get back to a computer is fine as well.
  2. DO NOT DELETE PINS!! Anyone being negligent or destructive to the community map will have their access revoked and banned. We are starting with open access to all on a trial and hope everyone would respect the spirit of the game by keeping this data intact and for future iterations of the game.
  3. We’ve included sprites of each Pokemon so you can use those specifically for the pins. If you forget, don’t worry; You can always change the pin to the correct Pokemon later or at your home computer. (Unfortunately, you can’t save the sprites, you’ll have to keep uploading them in order to use them. But we’ll keep updating the pins with the images files if you forget.
  4. Here’s a easy location for Pokemon Sprites: or try here:
  5. Each Pokemon is usually grouped in 3’s or 2’s and has a separate layer so if you only want to see Bulbasaur’s, you can turn off the Ivysaur and Venusaur layers and just see the one you want. For system usability, we grouped them like this because of the sheer number of participants.
  6. If you see an error, please post a comment, contact us on Facebook or Twitter, and/or send us a email at Please remember, we have limited resources to edit and make corrections. So we really want to empower you, the user, to make this a living breathing project. Enjoy- Commander Shipp


001- Bulbasaur, 002- Ivysaur, 003- Venusaur


004- Charmander, 005- Charmeleon, 006- Charizard

007-Squirtle-icon 008-Wartortle-icon 009-Blastoise-icon

007- Squirtle, 008- Warturtle, 009- Blastoise

010-Caterpie-icon 011-Metapod-icon 012-Butterfree-icon

010- Caterpie, 011- Metapod, 012- Butterfree

013-Weedle-icon 014-Kakuna-icon 015-Beedrill-icon

013- Weedle, 014- Kakuna, 015- Beedrill

016-Pidgey-icon 017-Pidgeotto-icon 018-Pidgeot-icon

016- Pidgey, 017- Pidgeotto, 018- Pidgeot 

019-Rattata-icon 020-Raticate-icon

019- Rattata, 020- Raticate

021-Spearow-icon 022-Fearow-icon

021- Spearow, 022- Fearow

023-Ekans-icon 024-Arbok-icon

023- Ekans, 024- Arbok

025-Pikachu-icon 026-Raichu-icon

025- Pikachu, 026- Raichu

027-Sandshrew-icon 028-Sandslash-icon

027- Sandshrew, 028- Sandslash

029-Nidoran-icon 030-Nidorina-icon 031-Nidoqueen-icon

029- Nidoran F, 030- Nidorina, 031- Nidoqueen

032-Nidorano-icon 033-Nidorino-icon 034-Nidoking-icon

032- Nidoran M, 033- Nidorino, 034- Nidoking

035-Clefairy-icon 036-Clefable-icon

035- Clefairy, 036- Clefable


037- Vulpix, 038- Ninetales

039-Jigglypuff-icon 040-Wigglytuff-icon

039- Jigglypuff, 040- Wigglytuff

041-Zubat-icon 042-Golbat-icon

041- Zubat, 042- Golbat

043-Oddish-icon 044-Gloom-icon 045-Vileplume-icon

043- Oddish, 044- Gloom, 045- Vileplume

046-Paras-icon 047-Parasect-icon

046- Paras, 047- Parasect

048-Venonat-icon 049-Venomoth-icon

048- Venomat, 049- Venomoth

050-Diglett-icon 051-Dugtrio-icon

050- Diglett, 051- Dugtrio

052-Meowth-icon 053-Persian-icon

052- Meowth, 053- Persian

054-Psyduck-icon 055-Golduck-icon

054- Psyduck, 055- Golduck

056-Mankey-icon 057-Primeape-icon

056- Mankey, 057- Primeape 

058-Growlithe-icon 059-Arcanine-icon

058- Growlithe, 059- Arcanine

060-Poliwag-icon 061-Poliwhirl-icon 062-Poliwrath-icon

060- Poliwag, 061- Poliwhirl, 062- Poliwrath

063-Abra-icon 064-Kadabra-icon 065-Alakazam-icon

063- Abra, 064- Kadabra, 065- Alakazam

066-Machop-icon 067-Machoke-icon 068-Machamp-icon

066- Machop, 067- Machoke, 068- Machamp

069-Bellsprout-icon 070-Weepinbell-icon 071-Victreebel-icon

069- Bellsprout, 070- Weepinbell, 071- Victreebell

072-Tentacool-icon 073-Tentacruel-icon

072- Tentacool, 073- Tentacruel

074-Geodude-icon 075-Graveler-icon 076-Golem-icon

074- Geodude, 075- Graveler, 076- Golem

077-Ponyta-icon 078-Rapidash-icon

077- Ponyta, 078- Rapidash

079-Slowpoke-icon 080-Slowbro-icon

079- Slowpoke, 080- Slowbro

081-Magnemite-icon 082-Magneton-icon

081- Magnemite, 082- Magneton


083- Farfetch’d

084-Doduo-icon 085-Dodrio-icon

084- Doduo, 085- Dodrio

086-Seel-icon 087-Dewgong-icon

086- Seel, 087- Dewgong

088-Grimer-icon 089-Muk-icon

088- Grimer, 089- Muk

090-Shellder-icon 091-Cloyster-icon

090- Shellder, 091- Cloyster

092-Gastly-icon 093-Haunter-icon 094-Gengar-icon

092- Ghastly, 093- Haunter, 094- Gengar


095- Onix

096-Drowzee-icon 097-Hypno-icon

096- Drowzee, 097- Hypno


098- Krabby, 099- Kingler

100-Voltorb-icon 101-Electrode-icon

100- Voltorb, 101- Electrode

102-Exeggcute-icon 103-Exeggutor-icon

102- Exeggcute, 103- Exeggutor

104-Cubone-icon 105-Marowak-icon

104- Cubone, 105- Marowak

106-Hitmonlee-icon 107-Hitmonchan-icon

106- Hitmonlee, 107- Hitmonchan


108- Lickitung

109-Koffing-icon 110-Weezing-icon

109- Koffing, 110- Weezing

111-Rhyhorn-icon 112-Rhydon-icon

111- Rhyhorn, 112- Rhydon

113-Chansey-icon 114-Tangela-icon 115-Kangaskhan-icon

113- Chansey, 114- Tangela, 115- Kangaskhan


116- Horsea, 117- Seadra

118-Goldeen-icon 119-Seaking-icon

118- Goldeen, 119- Seaking

120-Staryu-icon 121-Starmie-icon

120- Staryu, 121- Starmie

122-Mr-Mime-icon 123-Scyther-icon 124-Jynx-icon

122- Mr. Mime, 123- Scyther, 124- Jynx

125-Electabuzz-icon 126-Magmar-icon

125- Electabuzz, 126- Magmar

127-Pinsir-icon 128-Tauros-icon

127- Pinsir, 128- Tauros

129-Magikarp-icon 130-Gyarados-icon

129- Magikarp, 130- Gyarados

131-Lapras-icon 132-Ditto-icon

131- Lapras, 132- Ditto

133-Eevee-icon 134-Vaporeon-icon 135-Jolteon-icon 136-Flareon-icon

133- Eevee, 134- Vapereon, 135- Jolteon, 136- Flareon


137- Porygon

138-Omanyte-icon 139-Omastar-icon

138- Omanyte, 139- Omastar

140-Kabuto-icon 141-Kabutops-icon

140- Kabuto, 141- Kabutops

142-Aerodactyl-icon 143-Snorlax-icon

142- Aerodactyl, 143- Snorlax

144-Articuno-icon 145-Zapdos-icon 146-Moltres-icon

144- Articuno, 145- Zapdos, 146- Moltres

147-Dratini-icon 148-Dragonair-icon 149-Dragonite-icon

147- Dratini, 148- Dragonair, 149- Dragonite


150- Mewtwo, 151- Mew

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