Hey Nerd Faithful, It’s Commander Shipp here giving you a Monday morning wrap up to Comic Con. It has been one of the most productive and exciting Cons when Hall H is getting bombarded with trailers and countless updates. With everything that happened this weekend, we’ll catch you up right now with the most important updates!!

Wonder Woman

It’s about damn time….

(You know what, that’s enough, just enjoy and I’ll do more analysis later) 

Justice League

I know better than to get my hopes up for a Zack Snyder production, but this trailer makes it hard to do that. It has a distinctly different tone from the cluttered marketing plan for Batman v. Superman. We get some great shots of all the characters as Bruce Wayne starts making his opening pitch for the team. And dare I say, the feel of this rather fun, it’s still set in that grim universe, but we don’t feel like crap watching this one…..yet….


Remember Charles Xavier’s schizophrenic son? Yeah, Marvel and FX have partnered to deliver a rather odd, yet very promising show centered around the character. Check out the trailer below, it’s certainly going to be interesting to see how this one plays out. Legion is an extremely powerful mutant in the comics, with access to various psionic powers that are attached to the personalities that spawned them. It will be curious how much they touch on and also who shows up in this series. FX will have access to all the characters that the Fox rights allow in the X-Men franchise so we shall see.

King Arthur

Why would you care about another King Arthur film? Because Guy Ritchie is directing it. If you enjoyed the two RDJ led Sherlock Holmes movies, then this film is probably going to be right up your alley. Ritchie doesn’t exactly pump out a ton of films, so it’s rather note worthy when you see a project he feels is worth his time or that allows his style and flavor.

Fantastic Beasts

Most Potter fans are just happy to get back into the universe, but this trailer will help the regular moviegoer get an idea of what’s going on.

Kong: Skull Island

So there’s a key moment in this trailer that got me excited and you will laugh, but it’s John Goodman’s narration. He starts referring to the ancient creatures that owned the Earth long before mankind came along. We already know there’s an eventual Godzilla and King Kong fight movie coming, but this key piece of information is important. They are linking the Godzilla and King Kong mythos by referring to them in the same breath or eras. If you’ll remember, Ken Watanabe was adamant that Godzilla was an ancient balance for the Earth and would be their best hope to defeat the two MUTO’s. He refers to them as being ancient gods in a sense and this would seem to continue that trend. It would be pretty cool if another monster pops up in that film that forces them to take it down together; acting as balancing forces as a duo.

Doctor Strange

I really liked the first teaser and this trailer has only increased my hopes for this being good. The easiest comparison to make aesthetically is with Inception. There are plenty of visually interesting and mind-bending effects being deployed in this trailer. Skyscrapers are folding over each other and all sorts of trip inducing spells are being cast. It’s definitely a really good case of the craziness that we will get in this film.

Luke Cage / Iron Fist

These two came out at the beginning; Fist being more of a teaser so nothing of substance here. Luke Cage on the other hand is giving us hints it will certainly feel different than his time on Jessica Jones. We get a great scene where Cage is just walking through a hallway wrecking people left and right.That Wu-Tang Clan soundtrack (Shimmy Ya) is hailing back to the strong funk/ soul songs that were popular during the Blackspolation film craze. Mark your calendars for Friday, September 20th when Luke Cage drops on Netflix and later next year for Iron Fist.

Pokemon Go Falls Flat

Giving them the final show at Comic Con and even upgrading them up to Hall H would make sense if they had more details. However this was a rather significant let down. Not sure who got the Legendary Pokemon rumor mill started, but it was a huge hype machine leading no where. Niantic has been swamped just getting the servers up and going, let alone trying to release a new Pokemon. They were certainly not about to add more strain on to the system. Fans hoping for more upgrades and Pokemon should really pump the brakes. They still have multiple countries to release to before they can even think of tackling more content. It may suck, but that’s the honest truth; fix the experience for everyone and ease the server strain before you worsen it with more content.


So we finally have the slightest inkling where Arrow is going to go next … and it looks pretty underwhelming. Not only does it appear that Flashpoint (get to that in a minute) isn’t going to factor into next season, but that Ollie is building the lamest super squad since Fox rebooted Fantastic Four. Not to mention there’s no sign of Diggle. Not cool guys, not cool.


Legends of Tomorrow

Oh did this show shape up into something awesome by the end of it. It still seems to retain it’s Gotham-like “so bad it’s awesome” pistache in this trailer, but it appears that the primary antagonist for season 2 wont be one villain … it will be a LEGION of villains (the Legion of Doom to be precise). It’s going to be great.


The Flash

So, season 2 of The Flash was mostly a few moments of greatness mixed in with horrible decisions made by the titular character. This series of bad decision making has led Barry into creating a whole new universe where he is not The Flash.


Killing Joke Controversy

Earlier this week, DC fans learned about the changes to Batgirl and Batman’s relationship in the upcoming Killing Joke adaptation. That’s lead to some backlash from fans and rightfully so, it’s an awkward change that makes Barbara Gordon’s impending predicament even more problematic. Their relationship has now changed to levels we were not expecting from this story. The panel also got a bit heated, particularly between screenwriter Brian Azzarello and reporter Jeremy Conrad after a fan asked about the change. It eventually calmed down and they were able to defend their decisions, but we look forward to our screening and we’ll come back and tackle whether this was a good change or not.

Star Trek Name and Ship Reveal

Star Trek fans have been waiting on baited breath to learn more details on the new show. We got a few cool details that we outlined here, but I’ll quickly recap. So Star Trek Discovery as the show has now been titled will take place in the Prime Universe, between the Enterprise and TOS eras, and will not feature the Enterprise as the ships, but rather the U.S.S. Discovery. Heather Kadin later revealed that the video shown at Comic Con, so rest assured this may still go through some changes before the final product hits in January. I’m personally not super thrilled by the design, but I have certainly seen worse. More excited Star Trek will be back so there’s that.

Sherlock Series 4

 Yes, you know Moriarty made his presence known at the end of series 3. While we know Sherlock suspects he is conpletely dead and gone after his ordeal in The Abominable Bride, it still leaves the questions of how Moriaty’s final death wish will work and what are the consequences they have to face from last season. 

John Barrowman Wins Comic Con

Malcolm Merlyn hosted the Eisner Awards this year while simultaneously tackling a few cosplays: Harley Quinn, Zapp Brannigan, and Squirrel Girl….yes, you heard me right…Squirrel Girl


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