One of the noticeable issues behind the massively downloaded “Pokemon Go” is the lack of any sort of good in game manual as to what each thing does or how the game really works overall. So we constructed a manual to help you figure out a little bit of how this game works exactly


1.) When you find a Pokemon you have to tap it to try to catch it, not run into it

When I first started the game I thought I had to run into a Pokemon in order to catch it. I was wrong. You must click on it in order for it to register that you want to catch it.


2.)How you throw makes a difference

So when you throw a Pokeball, how you chuck that thing actually has value. If you can manage to curveball it into the Pokemon you get bonus experience for catching it, as well as if you manage to catch it when the green and white circles are aligned.


3.) The inner circle when you throw the Pokeball matters a lot

So when you throw a Pokeball out, you will notice a colored circle within the white circle. Not only does the size indicate ease of capture but the color does as well. The size of the circle decreases and increases the longer you press your finger on the Pokeball before throwing it  and how red the circle is indicates the general difficulty of capture. Unfortunately, you can’t really alter the color of the circle by any method that we have yet discovered.


4.) You get items when you level up

As you level up your access to various things in game increases but also you will be gifted with bonus Pokeballs and battle items like potions and revives..speaking of battle


5.) Battle is more interactive than you think

So did you know that in battle you can dodge???? If you swipe to the left or right it will allow you to move around the battlefield and avoid enemy attacks. Those bars at the top of the screen also indicate your secondary attack pp level and when one bar is fully charged you can hold down your finger on your phone to use the attack. Be aware that each attack has a different level of pp associated with it though.


6.) In regards to tracking, each of those little footprints indicates distance

Alright so this part gets a little weird. So in the right hand corner of your screen you will see that there are a few Pokemon images listed. Each of those images indicates which Pokemon are near you at the time. If you select the bar, then it will expand and show you more Pokemon that are in the area you are currently in and a set of animal footprints next to it. These footprints are locatin indicators that you can use to determine exactly how far away the Pokemon you are hunting is. In theory each footprint measures out to about 50 meters so the best advice we have for you is to start walking in one direction when you see something specific you are after show up on there and then if it starts to increase footprints or goes away entirely, walk the other way and try to hone down its location that way.


7.) Make sure you put your egg in the incubator!

This is something that is not noted but is very crucial. When you get an egg, there is a number under each egg to indicate how far you need to walk in order for the egg to hatch. THE GAME WILL NOT COUNT YOUR WALKING UNLESS YOU CLICK ON THE EGG AND SELECT “START INCUBATION!”

8.) There are ways to make catching easier.

Alright so these will take a little bit to unlock but later on as you level your trainer up you get access to razz berries. When catching a pokemon, click on your bag and select the berries and the game will allow you to throw a berry to a pokemon to make it a little bit friendlier and capture a bit simpler. There are also other types of pokeballs available in the game as well. Specifically we know there are Great balls and Ultra balls. We are unsure about the ability to throw a Masterball yet but one can only hope right? You will get great balls at level 12 and ultra balls at level 20

Hopefully this mini guide helps you in your own Pokemon Adventures! If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below! Check out some of our other articles as well!

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