We just got to see a whole slew of new Pokemon Sun and Moon Footage this morning so lets go ahead and dive in! Get it?…cuz it’s on an Island this time…Ok, I’ll stop.

Gosh where to begin. It looks like the story starts off as typical, you are a young kid about to begin their very own Pokemon journey for the first time and of course, receive your very own 1st pokemon that you may choose. Then you can start catching and battling new ones like this guy!

pokemon 5


We also got to find out who that bird was finally

pokemon 7

We also saw the return of some old favorites

pokemon 1

And apparently your attacks now give you info on what is effective and what isn’t if you have already battled the enemy Pokemon


pokemon 2

When you catch a Pokemon, they also indicate if there are other evolutions or forms of the Pokemon by the Pokeball in the corner.

pokemon 4

It’s hinted that Popplio also might evolve into a water fairy

pokemon 8

And last but not least, there appears to be a new battle system for multiplayer that features a 4 way battle royale where it’s every man for himself! The winner appears to be the player who can score the most Knockouts in battle and the battle ends when one player is totally eliminated.

pokemon 9

It was also confirmed that you can customize outfits again as well!!!!


Pokemon Sun and Moon is coming to a 3DS near you in November! Be sure to pick it up!


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