After months and months of silence on any “Official” news on the Nintendo NX, it seems that we have finally been given some news on an ACTUAL Nintendo NX game that isn’t Zelda on top of getting a trailer with an official logo.

Rise: Race The Future is the first 3rd party game that while not exclusively for this console, it is the first trailer that we have seen that features a logo for Nintendo’s mystery console the NX.  It appears to be a racing game set in the near future that features cars using some sort of “Advanced Air Technology” as a propulsion method for the cars. It also features futuristic car designs specially made for the game by automotive designer Anthony Jannarelly! It’s certainly a long ways off from a Mario Kart title so it will be interesting to see how the title does on the Nintendo’s new console. (Probably as interesting to see how the NX itself does!) You can check out the game’s official web page here and watch the trailer below! (And get to see an official NX logo!)

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