After the latest adventure in the DCEU DC has had its own Civil War on its hands between the fans and critics (some of whom are DC fans themselves). Luckily, an insider on the DCEU scene has some good news that should bring some peace between the two camps.

News has been hot with the reports of Jeremy Irons displeasure with the quality of Batman v. Superman but what is not being talked about are several interesting facts we can gain about the future of the DCEU from that same interview.

One of the big concerns regarding BvS that was shared by some fans and critics alike was how overstuffed the plot felt. In the same interview with Event magazine where he stated that the kicking the movie recieved by critics was “Deservedly so,” he also noted that he thinks “The next one will be simpler. The script is certainly a lot smaller, it’s more linear.” 

He also quelled fears that he would no longer be playing Alfred in the film by stating  that the next film was, “Nice because it’s a bit of income.” Granted, the film that is being referred to could be either Justice League: Part One or the next solo Batman film which if this interview is any clue, is going to be entitled The Batman.

Regardless of which film he is referring to, the powers in charge of the DCEU seem to be taking heed to some of the criticisms of BvS and trying to learn from it’s mistakes, which is good news for fans and critics alike and maybe, just maybe enough good news to give us…….

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