Battleborn has been out for a couple of weeks now and Overwatch is coming up on it’s own release date. Recently players had a chance to play Overwatch and compare it to what appears to be it’s main competitor. But now the question that must be answered is “Which one is worth my money?”

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Games are getting progressively more and more expensive and somehow managing to get away with dishing out less and less content in the midst of those increased prices. How? We aren’t sure, but boy am I concerned about this with Overwatch. Now I must insert a disclaimer here and state that I don’t think Overwatch is going to be a bad game, but I do think that it is an overpriced one. Battleborn on the otherhand, costs exactly the same yet manages to give us more in the process. While Overwatch is in fact an incredibly fun collection of multiplayer maps it is simply just that. Multiplayer maps … nothing more … no story … no actual point for why these characters exist or would be fighting but instead, simply just shooting at each other for no other reason than to create a fun multiplayer experience. This may not bother you as a gamer but I must inform you that while a fun game, Overwatch should not be charging you $60 dollars to play without at least having a solid plot in the game and a way for your friend on the couch next to you to play with you but alas … not yet. However this could all be remedied with the game’s actual release.


Battleborn, on the other hand, offers a solution to all of these issues and brings more to to the table as far as gameplay goes. No, Battleborn is not as pretty as Overwatch is but it makes up for this problem with a cast of hilarious characters, couch co-op ability for EVERYTHING IN THE GAME, customizable equipment loadouts, actual storylines, and a unique leveling system that allows you to customize your character to be suited for each individual battle. Battleborn however, also lacks in some of the variations for character skins in that most are just re-colors of the original design and not quite as interesting as some of the skins for the characters of Overwatch. So overall I would have to say that due to the depth of how much you get for what you are paying I would say that Battleborn better usage of your hard earned money.

Again, I’m not saying Overwatch is a bad game, nor am I saying all games that are just multiplayer are bad, but if you are going to charge your customers $60 to play, you better learn from Battlefront’s mistakes and give players more to do in the game than just shoot at each other on a few maps. But kudo’s to Overwatch for being more fun than Battlefront and actually making a really beautiful multiplayer experience, just know that you can have all this and even more if you simply purchase Battleborn instead. Yes, Battleborn isn’t perfect either but at least I feel like I got more than I would have gotten with Overwatch for the price paid. Like I said before, Overwatch could surprise us at its release with a host of material that makes its price tag worth it. You might even say that Blizzard could “WOW” us when Overwatch releases … Ok, I’m done now.

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