A while back we received news of a Final Fantasy VII remake being in the works. Next week we get another bit of nostalgia in the 2nd remake of the original Star Fox being released for the Wii U (Yeah, bet you didn’t know Star Fox 64 was a remake!)

star fox arwing

Now one of the biggest problems with the Star Fox franchise as of late is that nothing they have done has lived up to the quality of the older Nintendo 64 entry. (Well as of late meaning the last game released was almost 10 years ago.) Yes Star Fox: Assault was fun for a bit and Star Fox: Adventures was definitely different but they didn’t capture your attention in the same way that Star Fox: 64 did. Heck, I remember putting hours upon hours into that game back in high school. Just playing through the same pathway and trying to get the best score I could never got old. Nintendo has probably done the franchise its biggest favor by recapturing the attention of older fans and introducing younger ones into the franchise by updating and re-making the popular Nintendo 64 version instead of trying to create an entirely new adventure.

tank gameplay

That doesn’t mean that this battle against Andross is the same stale old Star Fox 64 adventure. (Actually that game still isn’t stale yet.) This game works hard to re-imagine the game as if it had been created for the first time using the current video gaming technology and looks to be incredible. It feels fresh with all of the updated visuals, new boss battles, brand new targeting system, a fun co-op play style, vehicle transformation and much more. Despite all of this,  it doesn’t lose some of the features that made the Nintendo 64 version so much dang fun by including the pathing system, basic mechanics of how the Arwing and other vehicles work, and keeping the same characters and end goal as its older counterpart.

retro arwing

Those aren’t the only fun parts about the game either! It’s got some cool amiibo support as well! If you have been holding on to those Fox and Falco amiibos from Super Smash Bros, then now is your time! The Falco amiibo will unlock a special black Arwing while the Fox amiibo will unlock a retro skin for your Arwing!


Star Fox Zero drops on April 21st. Be sure to check back for the review of our re-entry into the Lylat System!


(Thanks to Ign for the Amiibo details!)


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