We’ve already made it through a fourth of the year and so far, it’s had lots of various fun things for gamers of all types. To keep that gaming excitement going, we thought we would give you an easy overview of the major releases coming up the next couple of months.

kingdom hearts x

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X (IOS and Android): April 7th

Hey, this is big for Kingdom Hearts fans. We’ve been waiting for quite some time for literally ANYTHING to come along to further develop the plot of this series.


Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III (Xbox One, Ps4 and PC) April 12th

Get ready to Die…..alot….like…for real


ratchet and clank

Ratchet and Clank (Ps4) April 12th

This is essentially a reboot of the popular Ratchet and Clank series and is sure to provide all sorts of wacky fun shooter type insanity. The original was great and we can only hope that this one proves to be as well.


bravely second end layer 2

Bravely Second End Layer (3DS) April 15th

Developed by Silicon Studios and published by Square Enix (Who has ALOT going on this year,) this game is the sequel to the game Bravely Default and takes place two and a half years after the original.



Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard (Wii U) April 22nd

Star Fox Zero is a remake of a remake…..yup…AND ITS GONNA ROCK. The game takes the same basic premise as Star Fox 64 and brings it up to par with the Wii U console. This includes a host of new features such like vehicle transformation, a brand new cockpit control system and a new pathing system. If it’s anything like Star Fox 64, it should prove to be a blast. Star Fox Guard is essentially a type of Star Fox tower defense starring Slippy Toad with a few twists to the traditional tower defense recipe that actually remind me of Five Nights at Freddie’s…….which I never wanted to think about again.


Battleborn (Xbox One, Ps4 and PC) May 5th

This game is kind of a weird one but still looks pretty good. Its a combination of a first person shooter and multiplayer battle arena at the same time which should prove to be interesting. It includes a campaign mode which can be played either solo or as a co-op experience that can be played with up to 4 other players (YEAH! THAT EXTRA CONTROLLER MIGHT ACTUALLY HAVE A USE NOW!)


doom ps4

Doom (Xbox One, Ps4, and PC) May 13

Get ready to relive some of your worst nightmares in this remake of a classic game


kirby robobot

Kirby: Planet Robobot (3DS) June 10th




E3 2016!!!! June 14th-16th

This is sure to feature all sorts of information on loads of upcoming titles such as Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy VII: Remake, Kingdom Hearts III, Pokemon Sun and Moon, and a slew of other titles. We will keep you updated during the event on various information.


no mans sky

No Man’s Sky (Ps4, PC) June 21st

For those who haven’t heard, this game is one of the most ambitious exploration games to ever be created and could literally take your whole life to explore. (Don’t do that though because there is a whole wide ACTUAL world outside that needs to be explored and experienced right outside!)


star ocean

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness (Ps4) June 28th

Like I said, Square Enix has a VERY busy year in 2016 and this is only halfway through. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time had one of the greatest video game plot twists ever and we can only hope that this game can top that especially given that this new game actually takes place before that one.


pokemon go logo

Pokemon GO??? (Or at least, we hope so)

While we don’t have a solid release date yet it is entirely likely that the game could release before the end of June given that E3 is in June and that the game is currently in beta testing in Japan.


mighty no 9

Mighty NO. 9????

…….we hope….


pokemon sun and moon

More Pokemon Sun and Moon info?

This is pretty plausible given that by the time E3 rolls around there will need to be more attention given to what could be a major title for Nintendo this year.


nintendo nx

Confirmed info on both the Nintendo NX and Ps4.5?

Again….E3 is ideal for this information.

This is looking like a good year to be a Ps4 or a PC gamer


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