Because a few sites ruined the surprise, we learned early yesterday that the release date for this newly anticipated Final Fantasy game was slated for September 30th. But what else did we gain from the live event last night?

1.) This soundtrack is incredible!

The moment I began hearing music from the soundtrack I quite literally had chills run up my spine. And I’m a music snob

florence and the machine 2

2.) Florence and the Machine is musically involved

Florence and the Machine sing a combination of Stand By Me and the original theme song, which we can only hope means that Florence is involved even further in the soundtrack than we currently know.

final fantasy regalia

3.) Final Fantasy Radio

While you traverse the land in your shiny car, you will have the ability to listen to what was referred to as Final Fantasy Radio. This radio will allow you to listen to music from all of the final fantasy games which should create some great nostalgia moments as you adventure through with Noctis and his friends.

final fantasy xv chocobo


Chocobo riding is a thing and it looks incredible!

final fantasy xv driving

5.) You can help strangers in game

Apparently as you are driving you will sometimes come across people stranded on the side of the road whom you can help with various tasks as sort of a side quest and you will in fact gain XP and Gil from this.


6.) Warp strike/Kingdom Hearts style combat

We got to see more of this. It was great. Check the above video to see some of it


final fantasy XV Behemoth

6.) Smart AI system

Enemies adapt to what’s going on more intelligently than any previous Final Fantasy game. In the same way that you can run from a battle, they can run from you as well if they begin losing or become severely disadvantaged, such as covering a Behemoth in frost from a Blizzara spell. This will prove to create some genuinely difficult situations in game for sure.


final fantasy xv ramuh

7.) Summons are HUGE!

Just look at Ramuh here! He is TREMENDOUS



8.) The game looks almost familiar to reality yet steeped in fantasy all at the same time.

Everything looks very current age architecturally and technologically as opposed to medieval or futuristic technology or society. Yet it stays immersed in fantasy by keeping it full of magic and monsters and by bringing in a powerful robotic empire according to the trailer.

Final fantasy XV noctis and friends

9.) Character details!

We have just a FEW details regarding who exactly these characters are and thier relation to one another.

Noctis- Fighting to take back his kingdom .

Ignis- Raised at Nocitis’ side. Is his advisor and confidant

Gladio- Family serves as shield for the royals. Protector and such.

Prompto- Everyman, Michelangelo of the group, party dude, not royal, only one who isn’t royal.

final fantasy xv brotherhood

10.) A five episode Final Fantasy XV Anime is coming!

It is called Brotherhood:Final Fantasy XV it seems to be a prequel from what I gathered watching the first episode…OH OOOPS DID I MENTION YOU CAN ALREADY WATCH THE FIRST EPISODE HERE?

Final Fantasy XV kingsglaive

11.) Final Fantasy XV movie feature length full cg movie: Kingsglaive

In addition to getting an anime series there will be a full length CG movie entitled Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV. In addition to it looking incredible from its trailer. It also will feature the voice talents of Lena Heady (Cersei Lannister of Game of Thrones,) voicing Luna, Noctis’ betrothed. Sean Bean voicing none other than King Regis (which does not bode well for his character,) and Aaron Paul voicing the main protagonist and member of the Kingsglaive, Nyx. The Kingsglaive is apparently an elite task force given assignments by the king himself and members of it are called Glaives.


final fantasy xv audi


Square-Enix and Audi are partnering to create the actual r8 Audi from the game BUT LITERALLY JUST 1!!!!!! No details have been revealed yet as to how to get this car.

final fantasy xv justice monsters V

13.) We are getting a new minigame!!!!

But Justice Monsters 5 is faaaar different than any we have played before! Justice Monsters 5 is a mini-game that you actually can play outside the game….it will be also released before the game comes out on Android, Apple devices and Windows 10. You can pre-register for it here!… if only we could get a Blitzball mini-game app

final fantasy xv platinum demo

14.) Platinum Demo: Final fantasy XV completely free!!!!!!

Square-Enix has released a demo of the game for Xbox One and PS4  to play that will give you a good feel of the games new mechanics for COMPLETELY FREE!!! No reserving or any money hijinks required…did you catch what i said…I said it has released….AS IN IT’S AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW!!!  It also gives you Carbuncle as a unlockable in the main game as a free DLC if you complete it.


Final fantasy xv deluxe edition

15.) Final Fantasy XV deluxe edition is a thing

This deluxe edition features a steelbook, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV disc, Final Fantasy XV game, Royal Raiment outfit in game, Masamune weapon in game, and a car recolor called Platinum Leviathan.


Final Fantasy XV ultimate collectors edition

16.) Ultimate Collectors Edition is also a thing

This has all of previously mentioned items plus Noctis play arts figure, Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV anime disc, special soundtrack, 192 page hardcover artbook, in game item packs that feature a travel pack, a camera pack, an angler set, and gourmand set.


And of course


uncovered final fantasy xv

17.) The officially confirmed Sept 30 2016 release date

During Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV Hajime Tabata came out to officially state that the release date for Final Fantasy XV would be Sept 30th 2016. HOORAY! ITS ACTUALLY HAPPENING! Although he did pull a practical joke on the whole audience to make it seem like it was being delayed again. Very funny Tabata….Very funny…..





18.) oh yeah…. I forgot…. THE CAR CAN FLY

final fantasy XV car flying 2

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