So this weekend saw the official confirmation of Pokemon Sun and Moon version and the announcment was met with great joy by players all over the world. Now along with the little bit of information we received, we also received a severe lack of info about how this game will either add to the others or be different from them. So we have compiled a list of suggestions about things we would like to see in the new Pokemon Game


More megas!

A new Pokemon Game these days has continually been taking evolution to the next level. With the success of the implementation of Mega Evolutions, we can only hope that we will get to see more megas in the next go around….perhaps even some Mega Evolutions for the Johto Starters?


Mega Flygon!

Particularly a mega evolution for this guy. Players want it. Players will find a way to use it. Just make it already!

underground digging

Underground Return!

This was a cool mechanic from the Diamond, Pearl, Platinum series that allowed you to go underground and dig for fossils, various gems, evolution stones, etc. It made a lot of sense in regards to how people end up with those objects in game. And also added an archaeological aspect to it that I think would be great to have return and see expounded upon. They could possibly make online play down there more interactive and be able to meet and challenge other players to battle while underground?

pokemon space

Space Travel!

Remember that time we got to go out to space in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire? It would be great if we could get some more opportunities to adventure out in the great wide unknown in the new games, especially since the names are SUN and MOON which, as you may or may not know…….ARE IN SPACE


All The Regions!

One of the notable things mentioned in the announcement for Pokemon Sun and Moon was when he stated that “It all comes together in a new Pokemon adventure.” We are hoping that this means that in some way shape or form, you will be able to visit all the regions and have one of the most epic Pokemon games ever! It is an idea fans have been asking about for years now and if they actually did do this, it would be sure to be one of the biggest hits that Nintendo has ever seen in regards to a specific game. They could even split specific regions into each game depending on how each region would complement each story. That and people would probably end up buying both games if they did that.

pokemon mega evolving

De-evolving your opponents Mega

Ok, so I don’t mean that you push a button and poof! No more opposing Mega. But it would be cool both as a plot point and a game mechanic to have some pokemon running around that has a specific move or ability that either keeps opponents from mega evolving or de-evolves your opponents mega. I think mega evolution is a great mechanic and a lot of fun but this specific kind of counter play would be interesting to see happen and fun to watch players figure out how to address. It might also keep Mega Rayquaza from being the terrifying powerhouse that he currently is and allow him to be used in …well…at least one competitive format for once.

But ideally have modern graphics and not these
But ideally have modern graphics and not these

Expanded Online Play!

A few fan sites have done this already but it would be neat to see some sort of online play in which you actually can see other players moving around in the Pokemon world around you. This would work even better if they have multiple regions in the game and you could have players work thier way to becoming the elite for those regions or gym leaders in those areas. Heck, players could even start forming their own teams to do dastardly things like steal Pokemon and such or create teams to counter the more villainous ones. I guess it would require Nintendo to set up specific servers so that your screen doesn’t become crowded with other players but it would definitely be a really cool mechanic to see implemented and help bring in more players who would find the mmorpg elements attractive.


100 percent Zygarde and the resolution of all the stuff in the anime Pokemon XYZ.

Ok so we know that both Ash-Greninja evolution and the various Zygarde forms are a thing but they both do not exist in game currently. Additionally, it seems that Gamefreak is not going to include them in game, which to me would be a loss of something that could be a great. Plus, it would make a lot of fans happy….*cough cough* Pokemon Z…. *cough cough.* But seriously Gamefreak, why would you set up such a cool plot arc and expansion for Zygarde’s lackluster abilities and then just drop it entirely…but hey maybe we could still see Pokemon Z happen this year. They did say on the official webpage that they have lots of surprises in store for fans throughout this year and Amazon currently has the release date for Pokemon Sun and Moon set at Dec 31st 2016 which seems quite late for a holiday release to make money. Maybe they have the mysterious Z set to release before it and just want people to leave them alone for a bit.


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